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January 15, 2021

Los Angeles - ALSHARQIYA   January 15: Hollywood star Bruce Willis has faced an embarrassing situation after he was expelled from a Los Angeles drugstore for refusing to wear a muzzle.
Video footage showed Willis leaving a California pharmacy without wearing a muzzle.
Following this incident, the Die Hard star admitted that he "misjudged the situation" and said, "Let us be safe and continue wearing masks."
Last year, Eric Grassetti, the mayor of Los Angeles, last year imposed wearing masks outside the home all the time to combat the spread of the Corona virus, with some exceptions identified, such as exempting children under the age of two and some cases of disability.

Social media has had reactions to the incident that happened with Willis, and some have considered that he is transcending the rules, according to what the BBC reported.
Emergency doctor Cliffon MD published the news that Willis refused to wear a mask on his account on the social networking site, saying: "All health service providers in Los Angeles on the frontline to fight the epidemic are watching the death of countless numbers of patients."
For her part, journalist Olivia Messer said on her account on the social networking site Twitter: "It was enough for him to pull the scarf that covers his neck up to cover his mouth."

Also, Emma Heming Willis, the wife of the movie star, last October posted a picture of her, her husband and their two children wearing masks while they were outing.
In turn, TV writer Brian Behar also said on Twitter: "A Ryan Aid pharmacy employee has achieved what Hans Gruber (Die Hard Champion) couldn't - Welles was kicked out of the pharmacy."



January 15, 2021

Spain-ALSHARQIYA  January 15: Athletic Bilbao deprived football fans around the world of a new Spanish Clasico after stripping Real Madrid of their title as champion in the Spanish Super Cup by beating them 2-1 in the semi-final on Thursday.
Bilbao and hit a date with arch-rivals Barcelona for the royal team in the final match of the competition in its new format, which will be held on Sunday.
4 teams participated in the competition in its new look, Real Madrid, the league champion and title holder, Barcelona, ​​the summer of the league, Real Sociedad and Athletic Bilbao, who reached the Cup final last season, which was postponed to the fourth of next April due to the repercussions of the new Corona virus.

The competition was supposed to be held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as happened in the first edition, but the outbreak of "Covid-19" prevented that, so that Andalusia would host its three matches.
It is the first victory for Bilbao over Real Madrid since the seventh of March 2015 when it beat him with a goal without a response in the 26th stage of the Spanish League, and since that time Real has won 16 times and tied 5 times in all competitions.
Although the first quarter of the hour was mostly in favor of the Meringue, the Basque team snatched the first goal after a pass from Dani Garcia to Raul Garcia, who penetrated the penalty area and hit a ball that passed under the Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois (18).
Lucas Vásquez committed a naive mistake on Inigo Martinez inside the forbidden region, as a result of which the referee awarded a penalty kick, which Garcia successfully paid on the opposite side of Cortua (38).

Courtois scored 16 goals from 18 penalty kicks, as he protected Real Madrid's den in all the last nine competitions, all of which turned into goals.
All the attempts of the French team, Zinedine Zidane, were unsuccessful, so the attacks of his compatriot Karim Benzema and the Belgian Eden Hazard ended before reaching the stage of forming a danger at goalkeeper Unai Simon, or luck would be an obstacle, as happened with Marco Asensio, who hit the right post (58) and then the crossbar (68) .

Bilbao scored a goal for Benzema with a close-range shot, which was confirmed after the return to the "mouse" video assistant referee after suspicion that the player of Algerian origins was offside (75).
Benzema scored a second goal, but the referee’s flag was decisive this time (82), while the referee counted 6 minutes as a substitute for lost pressure during which Real's players were largely unsuccessful.



January 15, 2021

United States-ALSHARQIYA   January 15: The US President-elect, Joe Biden, tweeted from his new official Twitter account, which he revealed, Thursday, with his first tweet .. “Comrades, this will be my Twitter account of my official duties as president. 12:01 PM on January 20, it will be POTUS. Until then, I will use my current account @joebiden.
This comes as the "Twitter" company confirmed that it will transfer the official accounts of the White House to the administration of Joe Biden when the US president-elect is sworn in on January 20.

Twitter said in a statement Thursday that it will facilitate the transfer of institutional White House accounts, including @WhiteHouse, @ POTUS, @VP, @FLOTUS and @PressSec, to their new owners, adding that these accounts will not automatically retain followers from the previous administration.
Twitter was among the first companies and social networks to ban the personal accounts of outgoing President Donald Trump, after a crowd of his supporters stormed the US Congress building on January 6.
A Twitter spokesperson, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed the announced plans, saying the company's goal is to support archiving and transfer of accounts across successive administrations, according to Bloomberg.
It is noteworthy that Trump had inherited about 12 million followers from the account of his predecessor, Obama.

The Biden team will also release official Twitter accounts for the incoming first lady, Jill Biden, and other Biden administration officials such as the incoming White House press secretary, Jane Sackey.

January 15, 2021

Moscow-ALSHARQIYA   January 15:  The world was in a state of tension, after the founder of the WhatsApp application made an update of the user agreement, meaning that he could transfer personal data to "Facebook", and from here began the search for safer applications than "WhatsApp, Facebook" and "Telegram" was the winner in The past days, because it enjoyed the most safety in its use and in storing personal data.
For his part, the founder of the "Telegram" application, Pavel Durov, revealed through his post on the social networking site "Twitter" that there are nine heads of state who have accounts on the "Telegram" platform.

The text of the post read: “We are honored that political leaders, in addition to many civil society organizations, rely on the Telegram application to combat misinformation and disseminate important information,” adding that unlike other applications, Telegram does not use ambiguous algorithms to determine whether the subscriber is He will see the content he subscribes to or not.
Dorov indicated that Brazilian President Bolsonaro and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan launched their channels recently. Seven other leaders are: President of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, President of France Emmanuel Macron, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, President of Uzbekistan Shaukat Mirziyoyev, Taiwan Chief of Staff Tsai Engvin, as well as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Earlier, the British newspaper "Telegraph" reported that the "Telegram" application became the second most downloaded application in the United States, as it was from Wednesday to Sunday, the "Telegram" application was downloaded about 545 thousand times in the states, which is nearly three Double times what it was in the same period of the previous week.

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January 13, 2021

London-ALSHARQIYA   January 13: The "Cost of Beauty Around the World" study conducted by the British platform Cosmetify, which compares cosmetic product prices, reveals the countries with the lowest and highest numbers for the most popular cosmetic cost. Find out the results below.
Cosmetify relied on a price comparison of 5 popular beauty products: Chanel N5, MAC Cosmetics Retro Matte Lipstick, Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, Anastasia Beverly Dipbrow Eyebrow Gel and Sheer Glow Foundation Nars. The study included about 50 countries and looked at product prices separately and in total.

The results of this survey showed that the lowest price these products achieved was in Canada, with a total of $ 259.57. Followed by the United States, where the total amounted to 265 dollars, then Turkey, where the total amounted to the equivalent of 281.90 dollars, Mexico, where the total amounted to the equivalent of 285.37 dollars, then Malaysia, where the total amounted to the equivalent of 285.70 dollars, and Britain, where the total amounted to 286.03 dollars.
If these countries recorded the lowest prices in the field of beauty costs around the world, then the most expensive prices were achieved by China, which ranked first in this area, as the total price of these products reached the equivalent of 416.05 dollars, and the second place was the share of Thailand, where the total price of these products reached Products $ 395.45,

And the third place went to Taiwan, where the total price of these products reached 290.26 dollars, and the fourth place went to the United Arab Emirates, where the total price of these products reached 351.80 dollars, and the fifth place went to Denmark, where the total price of these products reached 342.83 dollars.

January 11, 2021

Paris-ALSHARQIYA   January 11: This January, the French capital will witness two weeks of fashion, one devoted to men's fashion and the second to high-end tailoring.
The French High Tailoring and Fashion Federation has revealed its decision regarding the dates of the fashion weeks, which are expected to take place this January. The final decision in this regard was reached after intensive talks with the French police in light of the continued health restrictions imposed by the French government.

Pascal Moran, the executive director of this association, announced that Fashion Weeks will not be canceled, but that they will be presented in the default form, as a result of preventing gatherings. He revealed that fashion houses can use models and models to organize events that are broadcast directly on their sites and social media, provided that they are held without an audience.
Men's Fashion Week is expected to start on January 19 and will continue until January 24, and the High-end Tailoring Week for Spring / Summer 2021 will start on January 25 and will continue until January 28. A calendar for the men's shows was revealed, which includes 71 names,

These include French fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Dior Homme, and Hermes in addition to foreign brands including Yohji Yamamoto, Rick Owens, Dries Van Noten, Paul Smith and Loewe. The high-end tailoring calendar is attended by 32 fashion houses, including Chanel, Armani Prive, and Jean Paul Gaultier. .
After the fashion weeks that will be witnessed this month, the next date in the calendar of French Fashion Weeks will be on March 9, the date of presenting women's ready-to-wear collections. Will it also be hypothetical, or will reviewing Covid-19 infection numbers allow presentations to take place directly and in the presence of the audience?

January 08, 2021

Dubai-ALSHARQIYA   January 8: The Arab Fashion Council announced the launch of the first fashion week dedicated to men's fashion. It is expected that a group of Emirati, Lebanese and Iranian designers will participate in the activities of this event, which will be held in Dubai, and 4 French designers will present their new developments in the field of men's fashion.
This event is expected to start on Saturday 28 January and will run until 30 January, in line with the international calendar of Men's Fashion Week. It will be titled "The First Arab Fashion Week for Men".

This event is expected to be the first chapter of an event that will be organized twice a year in conjunction with International Men's Fashion Weeks, with the aim of introducing new design talents to the Arab public. As for the show program, it will be announced two weeks before its start, and will be organized in cooperation with Facebook.
The success of the Arab Fashion Council, with its participation in the recent Paris Fashion Week, has opened the way for 4 French brands dedicated to men's fashion, which will in turn participate in the first men's fashion week to be held in Dubai. And that is within the framework of cooperation between the Arab Fashion Council and the French High Tailoring and Fashion Federation.

Broadcasting this week’s events live on Facebook and Instagram reinforces the important relationship between the physical world of fashion and the virtual digital world. The audience that follows this social media is no less than two billion viewers, and this will open the way for introducing the audience to new talents in the world of design and the ability to follow the shows and order pieces directly through the "Instagram" site.
The success of the Arab Fashion Council, with its participation in the recent Paris Fashion Week, has opened the way for 4 French brands dedicated to men's fashion, which will in turn participate in the first men's fashion week to be held in Dubai. And that is within the framework of cooperation between the Arab Fashion Council and the French High Tailoring and Fashion Federation.

Broadcasting this week’s events live on Facebook and Instagram reinforces the important relationship between the physical world of fashion and the virtual digital world. The audience that follows this social media is no less than two billion viewers, and this will open the way for introducing the audience to new talents in the world of design and the ability to follow the shows and order pieces directly through the "Instagram" site.

January 07, 2021

 Paris-ALSHARQIYA   January 7: From the developments that 2021 brings to us, new trends in the fashion world were evident through the ready-to-wear women's fashion collections for the upcoming spring and summer. Learn about the most common ones as follows:
The year 2020 brought about major transformations in our lives imposed by the spread of the Corona epidemic around the world, and the preventive measures that came with it to reduce the incidence of Covid 19 virus, the most prominent of which was social distancing and work from home. These transformations have been demonstrated by the massive demand for what is known as the home fashion that we appear when communicating virtually with family, friends, and co-workers.
The search for physical and psychological comfort through fashion takes us to the year 2021, and you will find it accompanying the new trends that will mark the coming days.
1- cheerful colors:

The bright colors plant touches of joy in our days that live on the rhythm of the epidemic. They are a source of vitality and fun that we need more than ever before, and international fashion houses have been keen to use bright colors in their Spring-Summer 2021 collections to add touches of positivity to our lives. Balmain attracted us with its neon suits, while Dolce & Gabbana used color to embody the concept of "love of life". Joy-enhancing colors have been frequent in the collections of Valentino, Stella McCartney, and Bottega Veneta.
2- Wide Pants:

These pants are characterized by their practicality and comfort, and they are an ideal alternative to the "leggings" and sports pants that have been widely worn in recent months. The wide trousers impressed us with their elegance in the Louis Vuitton, Chloe and Fendi collections, to be worn with a wide "blazer" jacket for a classic look or with a cotton blouse for a "casual" and youthful character.
3- Puffed Sleeves:
These huge sleeves add a touch of distinction to the look, and it has been met with interest by designers and popular with consumers. She has repeatedly appeared in the collections of Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Loewe, and Proenza Schouler.
4- Sports clothes:

Sports clothes are no longer limited to times of exercise. Rather, they have become a part of our daily life, inside and outside the home. We have seen it in the collections of the most famous international fashion houses such as: Balenciaga, Gucci, Givenchy and Prada.
5- Romantic dresses:
It is the title of tenderness and femininity. Romantic dresses are a classic of fashion, but they keep up with renewal and are contemporary, as in the Dior, Lanvin, Valentino and Rodarte Spring / Summer 2021 collections.