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July 26, 2021

London-ALSHARQIYA July 26 : The CEO of the famous tobacco company "Philip Morris" Jacek Olchak called on the UK government to ban cigarettes within a decade, in a move that would ban its brand "Marlboro", according to the British newspaper "The Guardian".

Olchak said the company can "see the world without cigarettes, and in fact the earlier this happens, the better for everyone".

He pointed out that "cigarettes should be treated like gasoline-powered cars, and it is scheduled to ban their sale in some countries as of 2030."

Olchak told the Sunday Telegraph: "Government measures can end the confusion of smokers, some of whom still believe that alternatives are worse than cigarettes."

He explained that giving smokers alternatives to cigarettes (such as electronic cigarettes) "while regulating this process and providing correct information about it" could make a shift within 10 years in this regard.

Philip Morris said it aims to make half of its sales from non-smoking products because it will turn into a "health and wellness company" that wants to "remove smoke from the world" by phasing out cigarettes.

However, the company came under fire from anti-smoking campaigners who accused it of hypocrisy after it floated a 1 billion pound ($1.4 billion) bid to take over Victora, a British pharmaceutical company that makes asthma inhalers.

Activists say tobacco companies want to show themselves as part of the solution to a smoke-free world, while continuing to sell and promote killer cigarettes.

According to the World Health Organization, smoking, including secondhand smoke, kills nearly 8 million people annually.

July 24, 2021

London-ALsharqiya July 24: World Health Organization experts have stated that humanity has every chance of overcoming several types of cancer in the coming decades. This report reveals the types of cancers that will become a thing of the past and why.

Cervical cancer

At the end of May, WHO representative Melita Vujnovic spoke at the Moscow Oncology Forum, saying that humanity will not defeat cancer in ten years, but that it will certainly adapt to some types of it. Above all, world medicine is close to defeating cervical cancer, which is today the fourth most common disease among women. More than 570,000 new cases are registered in the world annually, and this type of cancer causes 7.5% of deaths from malignant tumors.

At the same time, the disease itself was well studied, and a safe and effective vaccine against its causative agent, human papillomavirus (HPV), was developed, as many clinical trials and separate studies showed: in women who were vaccinated with it at the age of 12-13, And after ten years there are no cancerous diseases or tumors of the cervix. There are practically no side effects of the vaccine except for minor nervous symptoms and headache, which are recorded in only four of the hundred thousand girls who have been vaccinated with the vaccine. Australians were the first to mass vaccinate teenage girls in 2007. In 2017, the number of cancers and cervical cancer among women aged 18-24 fell by half, and HIV infection fell almost 20 times - from 22.7 to 1.5 per cent. cent. At this rate, by 2066 cervical cancer will be completely gone from the green continent. However, the vaccine is not enough, says the World Health Organization. It is important to test adults for HPV and to detect precancerous conditions and malignancies in women in a timely manner. First, this cancer is treatable, if diagnosed early. Second, screening and treating precancerous lesions is more financially profitable than fighting advanced cancer.

Lung Cancer

World Health Organization experts believe that victory over lung cancer is not out of reach, provided you quit smoking completely. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, lung cancer is the second most common type of cancer, with men particularly affected: of them, 18 percent of deaths are from this. The truth is that cigarette smoke contains more than 60 carcinogens, and nicotine suppresses the immune system. The first type often leads to the formation of malignant tumors, while the latter causes one of the most dangerous forms of lung cancer - adenocarcinoma.



July 22, 2021

Tokyo-ALSHARQIYA  July 22 : Egypt scored a valuable point from Spain after they tied without goals Thursday in Sapporo, as part of the opening of the third group competitions for the football competition within the Tokyo Summer Olympics, which officially opens on Friday.

And the football competition for players under 23, with the exception of three over this age, did not attract many stars from the round, due to the crowded calendar and its launch after the conclusion of the European Cup and Copa America.

The likes of Brazilian Neymar, who led Brazil to the 2016 title at home, are absent, French Kylian Mbappe, and Egyptian Mohamed Salah, whose Liverpool team refused to give up his services during this period before the start of the season.

Egypt coach Shawky Gharib, who finished fourth in 1928 and reached the quarter-finals in 1924, 1984 and 2012, put in a squad in which he relied on goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shennawy, defenders Ahmed Hegazy and Mahmoud Hamdi "Al-Wansh" and striker Ramadan Sobhi.

Gharib told beIN Sports, "This is the first time we have played with the Big Three. In the second half, despite the pressure, we were attacking better." "In general, you are facing the European champions, I am happy with the performance and more in the second half."

In turn, Hegazy, who contributed his experience to winning the tie, said, "The beginning is always difficult. We have prepared and studied the Spain national team well. This is an important point at the beginning of our journey. I hope that the next matches will be better in possession."

For its part, Spain pushed six players from the last European Cup, reaching the semi-finals and going out against champion Italy on penalties, most notably Barcelona's young midfielder Pedri.



July 22, 2021

England-ALSHARQIYA  22  July  : Amnesty International on Wednesday released a tool that enables mobile phone users to detect the activities of the Pegasus spyware program and see if they have been compromised.

Amnesty International had participated in the disclosure of 50,000 phone numbers that it says were targets of spying through the Israeli Pegasus technology, and some of these numbers belong to heads of state, journalists and activists.

The “theverge” website indicated that it may require some technical skill and take some time, so you must be patient, but it also works on “IOS” operating systems better than it works on Android systems.

By connecting iPhone phones to the computer, the "Finder" feature can be used to create a "Backup" that contains all the files, photos, and programs on the phone.

During the copying process, you will have the option to create an encrypted backup, which also allows you to keep passwords and other important files. Use this feature to make an encrypted backup of all your phone files, then make another copy and place it on your desktop.

Everyone can download the safety program for Pegasus activity detection, and follow the detailed instructions on how to install it.

The device must also have the Xcode application, and the Python3 programming language, which can be installed through the Hombro program.

You can now run the Safety program, and follow the instructions in order to use it to erase the archive copy from the phone. Through the instructions, the program can be directed to search for a specific file called pegasus.stix2, and the program will give an alert if there is activity

Suspect on the phone.

It is worth noting that in the event that the program does not detect a defect, this does not mean that the phone is 100% safe from penetration, as there are cases in which hackers succeed in removing all traces of their penetration.

Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International obtained a list of 50,000 telephone numbers believed to belong to people chosen by the Israeli company's customers to monitor them since 2016. On Sunday, a group of 17 international media outlets, including the French newspapers Le Monde and The Guardian, shared them. Britain and the American Washington Post.

If the smartphone is hacked, the program allows access to messages, photos, contacts and even listen to the owner's communications.

For its part, the Israeli Defense Ministry said that it did not see the information collected by "NSO" customers. She added that Israel "agrees to export electronic products exclusively to government agencies for legal use and only for the purpose of preventing and investigating crimes and combating terrorism."

July 22, 2021

Washington-ALSHARQIYA  July 22: A British citizen was arrested in Spain today, Wednesday, at the request of the United States, which suspects him of participating in hacking the accounts of 130 public figures on Twitter during the month of July 2020, according to what the US Department of Justice announced.

The US federal judiciary charged Joseph O'Connor, 22, for his role in this cyber attack, in which three Americans were also prosecuted.

This attack specifically targeted the accounts of the current US Presidents Joe Biden, the former Barack Obama and the billionaires Elon Musk and Bill Gates.

And the Justice Department announced in a statement that in addition to his role in the cyber-attack on Twitter accounts, O'Connor is "accused of hacking electronic devices to seize TikTok and Snapchat accounts" as well as "electronic harassment of a minor victim."

Hackers managed to hack celebrities' Twitter accounts in 2020 and asked their followers to send bitcoin to a private account, after promising them to double their money.

The operation led to the hackers receiving more than 100,000 dollars in 30 minutes.

In March, the court sentenced 18-year-old Graham Evan Clark, believed to be the mastermind of the attack, to three years in prison, the maximum sentence permitted by law in Florida given that he was a 17-year-old when he did so.

According to the California attorney general's office, Clark had two partners: Mason Shepherd, 19, from Britain, and Naama Fadhili, 22, from Florida.

Twitter confirmed at the time that the hackers "successfully manipulated a small number of employees" at the company, and apologized. He acknowledged the damage the attack had caused to his reputation.

An article he posted on his blog said at the time: "We are embarrassed, frustrated and especially sorry. We know that we must work to restore your trust, and we will support all efforts to hold the perpetrators accountable."

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July 21, 2021

US-ALSHARQIYA July 21: Ralph Lauren revealed the uniform that the flag bearer will wear in the US team participating in the Tokyo Olympics. It will include a cooling jacket that has been exclusively developed using advanced technology to ensure coolness in the hot and humid conditions experienced in the Japanese capital during the summer.

This jacket features an exclusive coolant system, mounted at the back at the bottom of the neck, that is battery-operated and is able to draw body heat and provide a feeling of coolness. Since 2008, the house of Ralph Lauren has been designing the uniforms for the US Olympic team. Known for its use of technology and the development of methods that serve the fashion industry, the cooler jacket is the result of many researches carried out by the house on the types of clothing that can regulate body temperature, and it previously presented at the 2018 Olympics a jacket with a heating system.

The house, through a statement issued, explained the design of this jacket and its commitments in the field of environmental protection. It was based on studies conducted by the Energy Center in the United States that pointed to the personal management of heat in order to reduce the consumption of cooling devices that require a lot of energy to function. David Lauren, Head of Commerce and Innovation, said in a statement that the Olympics will be an opportunity for Ralph Lauren to support the American team in a modern and innovative way. It revealed the role of the house in providing a solution to the problem of the high temperature in Tokyo in the summer. This will allow the athletes to maintain their elegant appearance and enjoy complete comfort during the participation in the opening and closing performances of the Olympics.

The US flag bearer at the Olympic opening ceremony, which will be held on July 23, will be the only US team to wear this jacket, while other athletes will appear in a uniform designed by Lauren as well. The costume consists of a navy blazer made of woolen fabric made in the USA, a striped T-shirt, a printed scarf, a striped belt made from recycled plastic water bottles, denim shorts and sneakers, and finally a mask The face covering is made from cotton grown in the United States. As for the closing ceremony of the Olympics, the US team will wear white shorts and "polos" in the same color, in addition to sports jackets decorated with the American flag and Olympic logo.

The collection of clothing designed for the US team will be available for sale on the online platforms of Ralph Lauren and the US Olympic team, in addition to some Ralph Lauren stores and department stores that have corners dedicated to this brand's fashion in the United States.

July 20, 2021

France-ALSHARQIYA July 20 :  American star Sharon Stone, aged 63, deserved the title of "Queen" during the recently ended "Cannes" festival.

She starred in three remarkable looks that confirm that elegance and beauty are not related to numbers, such as age, height, and weight, but to a captivating presence, a loving spirit, and a bright smile.

"These are the ingredients of dreams"... These are the words that star Sharon Stone attached to a photo she posted on her Instagram page. In this photo, she looked radiant on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival in a long blue dress reminiscent of the looks of Disney princesses.

Stone's look was among the most beautiful looks known to the festival this season and was signed by Dolce&Gabbana.

Through her, this American star appeared more like a modern Cinderella, who maintains her radiance no matter how old she gets. And she starred at the closing ceremony of the festival in a white one-shoulder gown covered with sparkling crystals at the chest, also bearing the signature of Dolce&Gabbana.

She coordinated it with diamond earrings that fell from her ears, while she chose a bright simple makeup and adopted a short hairdo that bore the signature of the famous French hairstylist Franck Provost.

Stone appeared at the amfAR party on the sidelines of the Cannes Festival in a lilac Alberta Ferretti gown decorated with doubt and feathers. She coordinated it with huge earrings with an innovative design.

In addition, it formed the talk of fashion critics and followers on social media, as it was able to present a new concept of elegance that escapes the restrictions of size and age, based on one password, which is "shine".

July 19, 2021

Paris-ALSHARQIYA  July 19: Pier Paolo Piccioli, Creative Director of Valentino House, chose to present his haute couture show for the upcoming fall and winter in Venice, away from the Paris Couture Week calendar. What were the reasons that prompted him to make these choices?

Valentino's haute couture collection for the upcoming season is a tribute to Venice, inspired by the city's return to cultural life after long months of isolation imposed by the pandemic.

Pier Paolo Piccioli likened the world of "couture" to this city, since the two belong to the world of arts, which are concerned with the elegance of the body and the refinement of taste and thought. This collection of high-end women's and men's fashion was titled

"Valentino Des Ateliers", which included 84 luxurious looks that attempted to connect two worlds: the world of fashion, which is linked to body movement, and the world of art, which is linked to no restrictions. She conducted a dialogue between art and fashion based on highlighting beauty in a free manner that is subject only to innovation.

In the last ten years, the Valentino house has witnessed a new turn in its career, bringing it closer to a young audience. In this group, it is directed specifically to the new generation with its feminine and masculine poles.

Easy-to-wear silhouettes and bold color combinations hang over the show, but they don't cancel out the opulent feel of couture. It was manifested through the "large capes", the tight dresses, the hats that covered part of the face, and the long gloves that were adopted for models and models alike.

The issue of sustainability, which is of great importance in the city of Venice due to its hydrogeography, which is linked to the rise in water levels, which affects the archaeological buildings built on its banks. This theme was also adopted by the Valentino house as part of its interests by using natural materials and plastic-free packaging for its clothes.

Pier Paolo Piccioli has chosen to tweet out this season's couture week to gain growing interest in his collection. His choice of the city of Venice as a theater for the show contributed to surrounding his designs with an aura of magic inherent in the history and present of this city.