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April 15, 2021

Taiwan-ALSHARQIYA   April  15 : An employee in Taiwan comes up with a plan to extend his paid marriage leave four times in a row.
According to the labor law in Taiwan, employees of both sexes receive a paid marriage leave, provided that it does not exceed 8 days, but it seems that this "short period" was not enough in their eyes, so he decided on something, according to what the "Audity Central" website reported.
One of the employees who works in a bank decided to divorce his wife after the end of his leave, to remarry her directly again, before he divorced her a second and third time, to be related to her the fourth time, and thus he got 32 days of paid marriage leave.
But things did not happen that simple, as the bank refused to grant that employee the leave after he divorced his wife the first time before returning her on the second day,

However, this did not fail to support that husband, whose identity was not revealed, and he decided to go ahead with his plan and provided the leave three more times, and resorted to the Labor Office to prove his right to those leaves.
After studying the case, the Labor Office considered that that employee did not violate the law, and imposed a fine of $ 700 on his employer, who did not like the ruling, so he decided to appeal.
On the tenth of April, the Labor Office ruled that the employee’s behavior was “immoral,” but he did not violate the laws in force, and therefore he deserved those leave, indicating that the bank had violated Article Two of the Labor Law that regulates paid leave.

Later, the story spread widely through social networking sites to raise a lot of controversy, as many social media users expressed their surprise at the existence of such loopholes in Taiwanese laws, while another group said that this loophole is known and clear, but it seems that this "groom" was the first to exploit it. Seemingly.

April 14, 2021

India -ALSHARQIYA  April 14: Tropical Race 4 threatens banana cultivation in the world due to the highly contagious soil fungi that it spreads.
According to "TV Zvezda", a disease called "Tropical Race 4" began to spread actively in Asia and Australia in the twentieth century. And in 2019, it was detected for the first time in shipments of bananas in South America. Some farms have already been closed in Colombia and Honduras.
This disease is in no way susceptible to the influence of chemicals, so the polluted soil will be withdrawn over a period of at least 30 to 40 years.
The new disease mostly affects the "Cavendish" variety, which makes up 95% of the global banana trade, according to "Sputnik".
Experts stress that even a small portion of contaminated soil on a farmer's sole can spread infection. The disease is also transmitted rapidly between plants with the same genes.

Male banana palm flowers are sterile, while female flowers produce fruit without pollination. Experts note that Cavendish reproduces asexually through branches.
According to scientists, there is no such type of banana as fruiting in nature as the Cavendish variety.
Moreover, in many countries of Asia, Africa and America, this fruit is a very important product in the daily diet, and is on par with potatoes and rice.
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations drew attention to the fact that, taking into account the world population, the increase in the food needs of the growing population in developing countries is the main reason for the increase in banana production.



April 14, 2021

England-ALSHARQIYA   April  14 : After controversial statements that angered Real Madrid fans, the German coach Juergen Klopp, Liverpool's coach, returned to offer his apology and retracted his words before an upcoming confrontation between the two giants.
The Liverpool coach had described Real Madrid's current stadium, "Alfredo Di Stefano's stadium," as a training ground not suitable for playing football, and that his team's meeting against Real Madrid last week should have taken place on another stadium.
The "Royal" plays its matches on the stadium designated for the youth team, due to the construction and restoration work that its original stadium, "Santiago Bernabeu", is witnessing.
Klopp said Tuesday: "If someone thought I was underestimating my respect for Real Madrid, I am sorry. That was not my intention," according to Radio Monte Carlo.

He added, "Honestly, it is so ridiculous that my statements turn into a big story. I did not mean to diminish respect."
The former Real Madrid legend, Jorge Valdano, had responded to Klopp's statements in which he described Real Madrid's stadium as a "training ground."
Valdano said: "When construction work is completed at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, it will make Anfield (Liverpool's stronghold) look like a training ground."
Klopp and his team, Liverpool, face a difficult task against Real Madrid at Anfield, on Wednesday evening, in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals.
Liverpool need to win 2-0 or more to qualify for the semi-finals, after losing 1-3 in Madrid.



April 14, 2021

United States-ALSHARQIYA   April 14: WhatsApp users are warned about a security issue that allows attackers to close your account by deactivating the world's most popular chat application.
The new fraud was first highlighted by a security expert who wrote in Forbes magazine. Security researchers Luis Marquez Carpintero and Ernesto Canales Berina warned that anyone could be banned from their account within 36 hours.
The attack can be carried out as anyone can actually install WhatsApp on their device and enter another person's mobile phone during the initial account creation process. And if someone does, you will receive texts and calls from WhatsApp that give you an important six-digit code, required to complete the setup process.

And unless a hacker can persuade you to send this code, the likelihood that they will be able to guess is almost impossible. So what will happen is that the attacker will try to enter through this important code, and continue to fail.
The problem is that after a number of failed attempts, WhatsApp will pause when generating these codes.
And the chat app will notify someone who tries - and fails - to set up WhatsApp, that he has to "re-send SMS / call me within 12 hours".
After this 12-hour period expires, the attacker needs to follow the same method as before, twice to ensure that WhatsApp prohibits creating new setting codes. During the second 12-hour period, while no new setup codes are generated, an attacker can create a fake email address and contact WhatsApp support.

Arts & Culture




April 12, 2021

New York-ALSHARQIYA    April  12 : The first Monday of May is the official approved date for the Met Gala, one of the world's most famous events that bring together the worlds of art and fashion. However, this concert will not be held this year as scheduled, as it has been postponed to next September, pending the improvement of the health situation exacerbated by the spread of the Corona pandemic.
This ceremony is usually held at the famous Metropolitan Museum in New York, but for the first time in its history it will be postponed from its scheduled date of the first Monday of May. And this after it was canceled last year for the same reason, which is the spread of the Corona pandemic.
According to the information, this event is expected to take place on September 13th, in case the situation improves and the restrictions imposed in different parts of the world recede.

It was co-presented by poet Amanda Gordon, who caught the world's attention with the poem she recited during the inauguration of US President Joe Biden.
She will be joined by designer Tom Ford, who is president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and overseeing this event, as usual, will be one of the duties of Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine in its American version. Here are some of the most iconic looks that the world's most famous celebrities have appeared at the Met Gala over the past years.
- During the year 2004, star Diane Kruger drew attention at this party in a golden satin gown signed by Balenciaga.
- During the year 2006, Charlize Theron starred at this party in a burgundy dress signed by designer John Galliano.

- During 2008, the theme of the Met Gala was "superheroes" and model Amber Valletta embodied this theme in her gold Versace gown.
- During the year 2011, the star Jennifer Lopez starred in this party in a distinctive red dress signed by Gucci.
 During the year 2013, Uma Thurman appeared on the red carpet of the Met Gala with designer Zach Posen. He wore a green dress, reminiscent of the old Hollywood atmosphere.
- During the year 2014, model Karolina Corcova starred at this party in a bare-shoulder dress from Marchesa adorned with hand-painted flowers as if they were a painting.

During the year 2015, the superstar Rihanna wore a yellow dress, which was distinguished by its long embroidered train. It was chosen by the Chinese house Guo Pei to match the important theme of the party that was taking place around China.
 During the year 2018, Indian actress Priyanka Chopra wore her most beautiful looks at this party. She starred in a dark red velvet gown signed by Ralph Lauren.
Also during the year 2018, actress Blake Lively starred in her finest looks at the Met Gala. For the occasion, she wore a Versace dress that was embroidered with precious stones worth more than $ 2 million and took more than 600 hours of work to complete.
During 2019, Lady Gaga caught the eye with a look in which she wore 4 gowns over each other and was signed by Brandon Maxwell.

April 06, 2021

Beirut-ALSHARQIYA   April  6 : Lebanese duo George Azzi and Asaad Osta presented their ready-to-wear collection for the upcoming fall and winter. It has been a source of interest for fashion critics and the public, and the secret of its success lies in the fact that it has transformed nostalgia into a tool for implementing designs that mimic the modern woman and satisfy her need for a bright and renewed future image.
This collection, called Collection6, or "The Sixth Group", was inspired by the atmosphere of the 1990s, that is, the period that marked the teenage designers of Azzi & Osta and their first dreams to enter the field of fashion design.
The men's suit cuts were clearly present in the designs of this group, as they were used in an innovative way that suits the renewed feminine looks.

Classic jackets have abandoned their upper section, becoming bare shoulders at times, and innovative details or sequins were added to them, adding touches of vitality and radiance to the entire look.
Jumpsuits are a frequent occurrence in this group due to its practicality and modernity both. It maintained monochrome elegance and was adorned with a work belt that defined the waist. As for the men's haircuts used, they could not hide the very feminine touches that characterized many of the looks of this group, as ruffles and knots entered some designs and the appearance of the "corset" was repeated in more than one view.

The designers used the delicacy of the chiffon material and its vitality to implement long dresses worthy of the finest occasions, and in many designs they relied on classic materials such as velvet, crepe, and tulle. As for the approved color palette, it was basic and simple and varied between light pink, pale green, ivory, black, warm red. , And navy blue. It has got some metallic touches, inspired by the atmosphere of the 1990s.
This group of costumes was photographed in Los Angeles, USA, after the designers of the house Azzi & Osta, which launched from Beirut, decided to expand into the global arena, what will be their next steps in this field?

April 02, 2021

Lebanon-ALSHARQIYA   April  2 : In the Land of Cedars and Women "is the title chosen by designer Zuhair Murad for his collection of haute couture Spring / Summer 2021 that he presented in the form of a short film of about 9 minutes duration. the world.
Murad considered that this spring group differs from everything that preceded it in his career, as it speaks directly about his love for his country, Lebanon. I will never leave it. "

Murad evokes the cedar forests in his collection's display decor, and they decorate his costumes, both real and figurative. He was inspired by the embroideries that he made on his elegant designs from the shapes of cedar branches, and the show was accompanied by pictures of Lebanon's cedar forests that were not only reflected on the décor but on the models in their luxurious dresses as well.
Zuhair Murad opened his show with a set of designs colored in white and concluded it with a princess wedding dress of the same color that carried a message of hope for renewed life and its victory despite the harsh conditions. The designs were decorated in calm gradations despite the solidity they embodied, and their color palette ranged from gray, silver, lilac, blue, and green,

Pink, and Gold. As for the fabrics used to implement these costumes, they preserved their delicacy and fluidity, and varied between muslin, tulle, crepe, lorex, silk, and jacquard.
Long dresses are a frequent item in this group, which also includes short dresses and jumpsuits. They are all decorated with embroideries that embody the rice cones, branches and stems. Feathers also entered many of the looks, adding a remarkable liveliness to them.
Zuhair Murad's collection of couture Spring / Summer 2021 included about 45 looks befitting the finest occasions. Some of them will be seen on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival and Oscars.