$ 1.6 million and bullion seized in the Mosul rubble

Nineveh -ALSHARQIYA   April  16 : The Nineveh Investigation Court announced its reservation on large sums of money and valuable assets that were seized under the rubble of a house in Al-Shahwani area in the city of Mosul for the purpose of handing them over to the Central Bank ...
 In a statement, the Supreme Judicial Council confirmed that an amount of one million six hundred thousand US dollars, gold and silver coins, bullion, and gold collectibles had been found while one of the excavators was removing the ruins of the ancient region’s role in the city of Mosul.
 Pointing to the aforementioned funds and materials, they were hidden with plastic barrels and nylon bags, and were buried about three meters underground.
 The Nineveh police broadcast pictures of huge sums of money in US dollars, Iraqi dinars, and gold bars that were hidden in one of the residential houses.


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