2312 injuries: the number of injuries in Iraq increased to more than 56 thousand

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   July 3 : Corona's epidemic in Iraq exceeded the barrier of 56,000, after 2,312 confirmed cases of the epidemic were recorded, while deaths rose to 2262 after more than a hundred daily deaths were recorded in the virus. The capital did not leave Baghdad with its number of injuries and deaths in the pandemic, after it was registered Friday, 485 injuries in Baghdad / Al-Rusafa, 241 in Baghdad / Al-Karkh and 40 injuries in the city of medicine. Qar 118, Maysan 110, Babil 195, Najaf 96, Diwaniya 92 and the same in Wasit, Salah al-Din 85, Kirkuk 76, Erbil 73, Muthanna 48, Diyala 31, News 6 and 4 cases in Dohuk


The State Company for Medicines Industry in Samarra is preparing to produce what is known as a "research meal"

A new explosion targeted a column of companies contracting with the International Coalition on the international road near Diwaniyah Governorate

Political circles in Erbil revealed the existence of an almost final Kurdish agreement to compete with dispersed party lists within the region.