5 "Amazing" dresses for Princess Diana's niece at her wedding

Italy-ALSHARQIYA  July  28 : The aristocratic model Lady Kitty Spencer, niece of the late Princess Diana, celebrated her wedding recently in the Italian capital, Rome. The celebrations lasted for 3 consecutive days, during which the bride wore 5 dresses, which naturally bore the signature of Dolce & Gabbana, especially since she has been the ambassador of the house for Alta Moda shows for many years.

In 1981 and in the last week of July, Diana Spencer celebrated her wedding to the British Crown Prince Charles in a ceremony watched by millions, during which she wore a legendary dress that occupies the title of "the most famous wedding dress in the world." Forty years later, on the same date, her niece celebrated her wedding to businessman Michael Lewis, who is 32 years older than her. For the occasion, she wore a wedding dress that looked like a masterpiece made of luxurious white lace.

This dress was distinguished by its Victorian character, which was manifested in the high collar and long sleeves, and was accompanied by a very long veil of tulle that was decorated with lace at its edges.

The white wedding dress was not the only one that bore the signature of Dolce&Gabbana, as the bride shone during the three days of the wedding celebrations with four other looks bearing the signature of the luxury Italian house. The wedding ceremony was preceded by a ceremony in which she wore a dress and a "cap" of blue tulle embroidered by hand with colorful flowers.

After the wedding ceremony, Lady Kitty Spencer dazzled in a silk and organza gown adorned with hand-drawn and floral embroideries, and then wore, during the same ceremony, a dress in which lace mixed with embroidery and emitting flowers.

The next day, she sparkled in a green silk dress whose skirt was decorated with embroidered flowers, ribbons, and palettes.

Dolce&Gabbana celebrated this wedding in its own way through a short film, which was shown on its Instagram page, about the scenes of creating these luxurious dresses, accompanied by a comment: “To celebrate this unique event, Dolce&Gabbana created a collection of luxurious dresses that each celebrates With the beauty of the bride, the passion for high-end tailoring, and the overwhelming joy on this occasion


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