7 people were killed by Israeli shelling near Damascus

Damascus-ALSHARQIYA  February 14 : At least 7 members of the Syrian army and Iranian factions were killed after an Israeli bombardment on the outskirts of Damascus International Airport, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights on Friday. The observatory confirmed an Israeli missile strike targeting the vicinity of Damascus International Airport after the arrival of a cargo plane believed to be coming. From Iran, what resulted in the killing of 4 Iranian Revolutionary Guard officers and 3 Syrian officers. In return, the official Syrian news agency SANA reported that the air defenses managed to shoot down hostile missiles launched from the occupied Golan Heights and published video clips that it said included scenes from confronting the Syrian air defenses. Hostile targets


On Sunday, the Iraqi Ministry of Health recorded 41 new cases of coronavirus

The Baghdad Operations Command denied canceling the exceptions set by the Diwaniyah Command 55 during the curfew in the capital

In Baghdad, sterilization and disinfectants reported for the third week a shortage in the markets, after the high demand for disinfection