A 3,000-year-old golden mask found in China

  China -ALSHARQIYA  March 26: Chinese archaeologists were able to make a "historical discovery" recently, represented in finding parts of a golden mask dating back about 3,000 years, that is, the period before imperial rule, in an ancient sacrifice pit at the "Sanshin Doi" site. (Sanxingdui) archaeological site in Sichuan Province, central western China.
The French magazine Le Point, which reported the news, citing a Chinese website, said that scientists were able to reconstruct half of the mask, which, if completed, would weigh more than 500 grams, according to their estimates.
The magazine stated that experts also confirmed that this artifact consists of 84% of gold, and that excavation work is still continuing at the site, where scientists hope to find a complete golden mask.

Li Yu, the excavation supervisor at Sanshin Doi, said that upon successful completion of the rest of the mask, it would be the largest and heaviest mask ever discovered from its pre-imperial period.
In addition to the golden mask, gold leaves, masks, bronze trees, ivory tools and others made of jade were found at the site, which is one of the gemstones known in China, and traces of decaying silk were also found among the ruins.
"These discoveries will help to understand why Sichuan Province became an important source of goods on the Silk Road, after the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC to the 9th AD)," said a Chinese expert.


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