A Barcelona player was injured in Corona

Barcelona-ALsharqiya, August 13: Barcelona has officially announced the discovery of a new case of Corona virus among its nine players, who today begin preparations for the next season.

The club said in an official statement on its Twitter account on Wednesday: The tests revealed that one of the nine players, who today begin preparations for the next season, has been infected with the Covid-19 virus, without showing symptoms of the disease.

Added an announcement and added: The player is in good health and committed to home isolation, knowing that he had no contact with the members of the first team, who is scheduled to travel to Lisbon.

According to many reports, the players who are starting the preparations for the new season are: Pedri, Trinkau, Musa Waghi, Matthews Fernandes, Todibo, Carles Alenia, Ravinia, Miranda, Oriole Busquets and the players mentioned above, have recently undergone an analysis of the emerging Corona virus, In preparation for their involvement in the first team training, in preparation for the new season, he is scheduled to leave Barcelona, ​​next Thursday, for Portugal, in preparation for the scheduled confrontation against Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, in Lisbon, on Friday.


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