A British couple discovers a secret room in an unexpected location in the kitchen

Britain-ALSHARQIYA October 27: A couple were stunned when they discovered a secret room behind an unexpected spot in the kitchen of their new home, leaving them confused.
The British couple shared their unexplained discovery online, just days after they moved home.
The British couple found the room in the back of a cupboard in the corner of their kitchen, where there is no door to access the room normally.
According to Yahoo News Australia, the floor of the secret room still had some wires and building materials left inside.
"My husband and I have just rented an apartment and found a room in her kitchen cupboard," joked the British woman, whose name has not been released. "I will definitely leave something strange in it for the next tenants when we go out."
One mother commented on her Facebook post, "I will turn it into a hideout to study or hide and eat my snacks so I don't have to share them with my kids."


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