A Chinese man throws himself in an iron smelting furnace after losing in the stock market

China-ALSHARQIYA   March  31 : A Chinese man threw himself into an iron melting furnace with a temperature of more than 1500 degrees Celsius, after losing the equivalent of $ 9100 in trading stocks.
Wang Long, 33, who works for the "Baot Steel" company in Mongolia, was lost by his colleagues while he was working on the shift last week, and after searching for him, it was found that he threw himself in the melting furnace.
Shocking video clips spread on Chinese networks of the man throwing his helmet into the fire, and then following it into the pit of the iron smelter.
"Wang's death may be related to his trading losses as he was investing in the stock market," the company said.

It later emerged that on the day of his suicide, Wang had lost more than 60,000 yuan, less than 10,000 dollars.
Many Chinese are looking for quick profit through speculation in the Chinese stock market, which may be more like gambling for some of them, the site said.


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