A Jordanian media activist launches an initiative to help the injured of Corona

Jordan-ALSHARQIYA   April  11 : Media activist Rania Amish did not believe that her infection with the Coronavirus a month ago would push her to launch an initiative to support poor families in securing treatment that helps Corona sufferers resist the disease.
Since its early days, the initiative has been able to provide assistance to 300 families, that is, an average of 750 people have been provided with treatments, including vitamins, a fever reducer, and a thermometer and oxygen device, according to Tamer Al Zumot, Rania's partner in establishing the initiative, and this encouraged them to work on a larger scale and include new volunteers to help them.
And that those in charge of the initiative are not specialists in the medical field, so they have coordinated with qualified doctors to communicate with patients and determine

Adjuvant treatments for each case according to age and health conditions.
Omeish says that the initiative has met with popular embrace due to the high turnout of donors, including individuals, pharmacy owners and friends, explaining that she only receives unconditional in-kind assistance, which has transformed her home into an operating room in which she manages the work to organize and arrange the reception of medicines, receive calls from donors, and coordinate between volunteers to deliver them to The patients.


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