A lightning bolt hit a passenger plane

Panama-ALSHARQIYA   March  26 : Video footage showed a terrifying moment for the passengers of a civilian plane, when a lightning bolt surprised them, while the plane was preparing to land on the runway in Panama City in the Pacific Ocean.
The Boeing 737 Max was flying at an altitude of nearly 30,000 feet, while attempting to land at Tocumen International Airport in Panama City, when it was struck by a lightning bolt from the front.
A video recording taken from inside the cockpit showed a strong lightning strike striking the front of the plane, according to what was published by the British newspaper "Daily Mail", Friday.
Despite the difficult conditions the passengers and pilots faced with the tension on board the plane, both pilots remained alert and were able to disembark safely, without any passengers or crew injured.

Unless any damage was recorded to the fuselage as a result of a sudden lightning strike.
The person who filmed the incident, who did not want to be named, said: “Lightning strikes happen quite often, but it is unique to videotap one of them. I was only recording the flight during the storm.”
If a lightning storm hits a plane while it is in the air, it usually collides with the sharp edges of the plane, such as antennas, wings, nose or tail, and then electricity flows through the wires and exits the plane.
Lightning strikes can occur during severe storms, although they are unlikely to lead to an accident.
Aircraft are coated with a "protective finish" to avoid damage from potential lightning strikes or similar impacts.
It should be noted that the incident occurred on March 15th.


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