A man catches a giant "hammer shark" and returns it to the water after taking a picture with it

US-ALSHARQIYA October 22: A man managed to catch a large hammerhead shark, about 4 meters long, and weighing about a quarter of a ton, off the coast of North Carolina, but he hesitated to return it to the sea.
The fisherman is Blake Cochran, who works as a paramedic in Caldwell County, but his first passion is sea fishing.
"I knew it was a big thing," he told CNN. "The biggest fish I've ever caught. And when I pulled it up, it was a crazy sight."
Cochran added that he and some of his friends fish once a month, trying to catch sharks or another species called "red drums."
Cochran highlighted in a video report the large bait he used via a kayak to take the fish 360 meters from shore.
"It's like catching cat fish from the beach," he said. "She sits and waits after she takes the bait out, and suddenly that reel starts screaming. It was like getting stuck in a car."
Cochran added that he knew when he saw the fish's dorsal fin he knew it was "the hammer", so he rushed to take a souvenir photo with her on the beach, and then the group quickly worked to return the huge fish to the ocean.
With news of shark attacks coming out during the summer months, Cochran said, "When we caught the shark, a lot of people came and said, Oh my God, we're not going to let our kids swim here." I say, "There are sharks in the water. It's the ocean, it's their home, they won't bother you unless you bother them."


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