A mother burns her child in front of his sister because he revealed her "secret"

Russia -ALSHARQIYA   March 18: The police arrested a Russian mother who committed a horrific crime, after setting her child on fire, due to a family dispute between her and her husband.
It was reported that Anastasia Paulina, 31, a cashier, poured fuel into the mouth of her 8-year-old son, before setting it on fire, after telling her husband that she had met her secret lover.
And after a quarrel with her son Andre, she took him to the yard, poured fuel in his mouth and set it on fire in a brutal manner, according to the British newspaper, "Mirour".
According to his sister Natasha (12 years old), the frightened child was crying when she poured fuel in his mouth, before his mother told him: "We will see how it burns."

 After he was burned, the "sorry" mother called an ambulance and tried to put out the fire, but Andrei died of his burns two days later.
Paolina faces a possible prison sentence of up to 20 years in prison, due to her heinous crime, which caused 45 percent of burns to the young child's body.


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