A museum in Texas removes a statue of Trump after he was punched

Texas-ALSHARQIYA  March  19 : The Texas Wax Museum has removed a statue of former US President Donald Trump from the exhibition hall, after it was repeatedly punched by visitors.
The Luis Tussauds Museum of Wax Works in San Antonio, Texas, had to move the statue to a storage room because some museum visitors punched it.
Clay Stewart, regional director of Ripley Entertainment, which owns the museum, said the statue was punched and scratched, causing so much damage that it had to be pulled from public display.
Ahead of the US presidential election last year, the Madame Tussauds Museum in Berlin put a wax statue of Trump in a litter box.
"We removed the example as a preparatory measure," said the museum's marketing director, Orchid Yalsindag, at the time, meaning his loss of the presidential race.


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