A muzzle for the nose, an uncommon Mexican innovation

MEXICO-ALSHARQIYA   MARCH  26 : Researchers from Mexico announced that they had created a muzzle that covers the nose only, claiming that it is able to reduce the risk of infection with the emerging corona virus during eating and talking.
According to the researchers, the fact that people have to take off their masks to eat or drink leaves them with a greater risk of exposure to the virus, which necessitated the need to find a solution, even partially, to this problem.
And Reuters reported that the nose muzzle was designed in a way that allows it to be worn under the traditional muzzle.
The nose mask does not provide protection that can be compared with traditional masks, but it may work to purify the air entering through the nose, which reduces the chances of exposure to the virus in one way or another.
According to Johns Hopkins University, the smelling cells represent a major point for the infiltration of the Corona virus into the body, which increases the importance of the nose covers similar to this innovation.
Despite this, the World Health Organization and major health authorities in various countries recommend wearing masks that completely cover the nose, mouth and chin area.
Some social media users mocked this unusual innovation, and one of them said, "I have not heard about any clowns who have contracted a covid."


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