A new series that topples "The Squid Game" from the throne of views in America

United States-ALSHARQIYA October 19: After the overwhelming success of the series "The Squid Game" on "Netflix", the United States was not immune to the global fever of watching this Korean series, until a new series came and turned the equation.
For weeks, "The Squid Game" remained on the throne of the top ten works on "Netflix", until last Friday, the broadcast of the first episode of the series "Anta" began.
With the sunrise on Saturday, the list was recording the decline of the Korean series in the United States to the second place after the series "You".
According to the website of the American magazine "Forbes", "The Squid Game", which recorded more than 111 million views around the world, was on its way to breaking a record registered in the name of the series "Jenny and Georgia", known in the Arabic version on "Netflix" entitled "Mama and Her Box". the black".
"Jenny and Georgia" remained in the rank of the best series on the network for 29 days, while "The Squid Game" stopped at 24 days, leaving its place for the series "You", which launched its third season.
But the show's 24 day lead is also a record for a non-English speaking job, added Forbes.
According to the “Insider” website, although the series has lost its first place in the United States, it is still in the top 10 of “Netflix” works in nearly 50 countries, including the United Kingdom, France and Russia, according to the latest numbers released. Friday.
However, the show also lost its first spot in its home country of South Korea, where it lost to the Korean drama "The Hometown of Cha Cha Cha."


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