A police officer resigns after mistreating a police dog

United States-ALSHARQIYA   April  2 : A police officer resigned in Salisbury, North Carolina, USA, after the publication of a video clip showing him abusing a police dog during training,
After a weeks-long investigation, the Salisbury Police Department announced that it had concluded that the officer portrayed in the video, identified as James Hampton, "behaved in a manner that was completely inconsistent with his training in handling K-9 dogs and violated police department policy."
The police said in a statement: "We have taken disciplinary measures against the officer, and after a hearing for Officer Hampton, he submitted his resignation immediately," stressing that they did not ask him to resign.

The video showed the police officer putting a collar on the dog called "Zol" and then pulling it by the neck and pushing it towards the ground, then suspending it in the air and swinging it around his back and over his shoulder, before heading towards a patrol car.


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