A rare rescue operation of a whale caught in the British capital

London-ALSHARQIYA  May  10 : The London Port Authority said that rescue operations are underway to free a whale stranded in the River Thames in London.
At around 2 pm on Sunday, port workers noticed a mink whale nearly three meters long, which is unusual, stuck near the Richmond Lock area on the River Thames, a port spokesperson told CNN. .
Marine mammal experts from the British Maritime Rescue Service arrived at the scene, where they worked to free the whale.
Social media users posted photos of the whale, expressing their sadness and sympathy for the stranded whale.
The operation involved port authorities, the Royal National Lifeboat Corporation, and the London Fire Brigade.

A number of people gathered on a bridge to witness the rare whale rescue, as they usually only see a number of ducks and swans.
The gathering of people on the bridge stopped Sophie Milner, who invited her to join the crowd to watch.
"When I arrived, some specialized experts were grazing the whale, and they mostly completed the rescue," Milner said, who took a video of the whale, told CNN.
In Milner's subsequent tweet after sunset, she said, "Now you can see that the whale is breathing."


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