A Saudi woman invents a smart glove, and Britain uses her

Riyadh-ALSharqiya, December 25: A Saudi female inventor managed to create a smart glove that translates sign language into words and texts through a built-in speaker and screen in the glove, and finger movement sensors. According to the Saudi newspaper previously published, the Saudi inventor, Hadeel Ayoub, invented the glove to receive any sign language in the world, where he learns from the user and translates his sign language. The glove is connected to an application that is on the phones, registers the meanings of each signal, to form a dictionary for signs, which makes the glove smarter, and the innovator called the glove "Bright Sign", and established her own company in the United Kingdom to produce the smart glove for all ages and groups. The glove became available on the market, and six schools in Britain used it to help students achieve academic achievement. The inventor Hadeel explained that she had been working for 4 years on her innovation, and the lack of financial support was one of the biggest challenges she faced, and indicated that she recently received a grant from one of the institutions. In the United Kingdom, it provided funding for her project.


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