A smart helmet to check the temperature for Corona

London-ALsharqiya May 20: Police officers in many countries started wearing smart, artificial-powered helmets that can automatically measure the infantry temperature via an infrared camera while patrolling the streets in the midst of the coronary crisis. KC Wearable, one of many Chinese companies that are pushing future-monitoring technology to track the outbreak of the Coronavirus, is making this smart helmet (KC N901) equipped with ARM processor, augmented reality display, infrared camera and optical camera. The video posted by (KC Wearable) shows an officer wearing the helmet with a camera installed with live feed from the helmet itself showing people wearing masks, with a number appearing on top of their heads while they are moving reflecting actual body temperature, as captured by the camera installed on the helmet. For the specifications of high-tech smart helmets, the wearer can detect the temperature of pedestrians at a distance of two meters, and the company says that any information captured by the helmet is stored within the helmet itself, and the price of a single helmet is between 5000 and 7000 dollars. And the police officer who wears it can measure the temperature of a specific individual or Measure degrees Passers-through heat in larger crowds, scanning someone’s QR code to get their personal data, getting to know license plates, seeing people in the dark, or getting to know people with face recognition technology.


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