A Taiwanese gets married 4 times in 37 days to get paid leave

Taiwan-ALSHARQIYA   April  15 : An employee in Taiwan comes up with a plan to extend his paid marriage leave four times in a row.
According to the labor law in Taiwan, employees of both sexes receive a paid marriage leave, provided that it does not exceed 8 days, but it seems that this "short period" was not enough in their eyes, so he decided on something, according to what the "Audity Central" website reported.
One of the employees who works in a bank decided to divorce his wife after the end of his leave, to remarry her directly again, before he divorced her a second and third time, to be related to her the fourth time, and thus he got 32 days of paid marriage leave.
But things did not happen that simple, as the bank refused to grant that employee the leave after he divorced his wife the first time before returning her on the second day,

However, this did not fail to support that husband, whose identity was not revealed, and he decided to go ahead with his plan and provided the leave three more times, and resorted to the Labor Office to prove his right to those leaves.
After studying the case, the Labor Office considered that that employee did not violate the law, and imposed a fine of $ 700 on his employer, who did not like the ruling, so he decided to appeal.
On the tenth of April, the Labor Office ruled that the employee’s behavior was “immoral,” but he did not violate the laws in force, and therefore he deserved those leave, indicating that the bank had violated Article Two of the Labor Law that regulates paid leave.

Later, the story spread widely through social networking sites to raise a lot of controversy, as many social media users expressed their surprise at the existence of such loopholes in Taiwanese laws, while another group said that this loophole is known and clear, but it seems that this "groom" was the first to exploit it. Seemingly.


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