A UFO was found washed away by the waves to the coast of the United States

United States-ALSHARQIYA   April  12 : Waves wash away an object similar to a spacecraft fragment on the coast of Alsie Bay in the United States.
Residents of Wildport, Oregon, found the UFO. Local authorities believe that the discovery is part of the "SpaceX" missile.
The local Oregon newspaper said: “On April 9, 2021, at around 3:15 pm local time (1.15 GMT), the Lincoln County Sheriff's office was informed of a charred fragment expected to be of a spacecraft that drifted ashore in Alcy Bay near From Wildport, Oregon. A fisherman took it from the Gulf Coast and placed it for a short time near a local facility. "

SpaceX engineers were unable to identify with certainty that the charred sliver was part of their missile, indicating that it appeared to be a high pressure tank.
The Lincoln County Sheriff decided to move the body to a safe location for further study. According to the newspaper, on the eve of the discovery of the UFO, many townspeople saw in the sky "lines" of incomprehensible light.


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