A unique emerald found in Russia

Russia-ALSHARQIYA   March  24 : The information office of the (Ross Tikh) company announced that geologists had found two groups of emeralds, weighing more than six kilograms, in the Marinsk surface mine.
Experts point out that this is the first time in years that geologists have found such a group consisting of four large pieces of emerald stone with a total weight of more than six kilograms.
This group was manually extracted by workers from a depth of 260 meters. Experts point out that the discovery of this group confirms the great potential of the mine and its economic viability.
It should be noted that work in the area where this emerald was found began in the current year, and its value has not been determined. Therefore, it was decided to display this rare collection at auction.

It should be noted, that emerald is an important gemstone, has a transparent green color, and a correct geometric shape - hexagonal, and rarely are all of them complete. Vitaly Shaposhnikov, director of the mine, says, according to our experts, the emeralds we have found are of particular interest among rare collectors. So we have not currently evaluated it from the point of view of its use in making jewelry.


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