A woman gives birth to 9 children of twins in Morocco

Morocco-ALSHARQIYA  May  5 : A Malian woman gave birth to 9 twins in Morocco on Tuesday. The government said the nine children were "fine," according to the British Guardian.
The Malian government transferred Halima Cisse, 25, to Morocco for better care on March 30th. It was initially believed that she was carrying seven twins.
A spokesman for the Moroccan Ministry of Health, Rachid Kazri, said that he was not aware of multiple births occurring in a hospital in the country. But the Malian Ministry of Health said in a statement that Sisi gave birth to five girls and four boys by Caesarean section.
"The mother and the babies are fine so far," Financial Health Minister Fanta Sepi told AFP. She added that they are scheduled to return home within a few weeks.


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