A young American woman discovers an abandoned apartment behind a bathroom mirror

New York-ALSHARQIYA   March 12: Samantha Hartsow, a young American, discovered a hole behind the bathroom mirror in her New York City apartment, and led her to a secret location full of garbage bags.
The French magazine "Le Point" says - in a report - that the story began when Samantha moved to live in a shared apartment in New York, and from the first day she felt that there was a cold air in the bathroom, but she did not know its exact source.
On Thursday the fourth of March, Samantha worked to track the source of the current, and noticed that it was coming from the back of the mirror specifically, and when she removed it was a surprise, as she discovered that behind the mirror is an abandoned apartment.
With a hammer, I broke the wall, and I decided to discover the place

Samantha says she was able to see one room when she removed the mirror, but once the barrier broke, she discovered an entire apartment filled with trash bags. "There were no evil spirits behind those walls. My roommates thought I was going to die, and when I came back they were all excited to find out what happened," she joked.
The story of Samantha Hartso caused a stir on the TikTok platform, as she posted 4 videos in which moment by moment what happened in her apartment and finding the secret place behind the bathroom mirror, the clips gained millions of views, and her roommates appeared completely terrified by what happened.


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