A young woman dies in a tragic accident after being chased by a tribe of monkeys

India-ALSHARQIYA  March  19 : A 21-year-old woman fell from the roof of the roof and died after being chased by a tribe of monkeys in southern India.
The victim, referred to as "Ji Sriisha", was playing badminton with her friends on the balcony of the house when a group of monkeys pursued her in the Warangal district of Telangana.
Sereisha and her friends initially tried to scare the monkeys away, but to no avail.
Fearing that they would be attacked, the girlfriends panicked and started to flee, but Sereisha fell from the roof until she lost life in this incident.
Local police launched an investigation after Sereisha was found dead and sustained multiple injuries.

Although fatal monkey attacks in India are rare, there are reports of such incidents, including in November 2019, where two attacks killed a 12-day-old infant and a 58-year-old woman in Agra.
During the first attack, monkeys broke into a woman's home while she was nursing her baby, snatched it from her, and bitten him to death.
In the second attack, a 58-year-old woman was bitten by monkeys while she was going to relieve herself outside her home on the outskirts of the city and bled to death.
Monkeys also caused deaths unintentionally, as in January of last year, a woman hanging on the roof of her home died after monkeys attacked her and slipped and fell.

In a similar case in October last year, a 13-year-old girl who was collecting laundry from the roof died after monkeys chased her there.
In the same month, in the city of Agra, a group of monkeys that started fighting caused the collapse of a fragile wall, killing two men who were standing nearby.


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