Abdul Qadir Al-Dakhil: We obtained approval to spend 430 billion dinars

Mosul-ALSHARQIYA   June  22 : The Executive Director of the Higher Committee for the Reconstruction of Mosul, Abdul Qadir Al-Dakhil announced that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi agreed to disburse the frozen amounts with Iraqi banks from Nineveh’s share of 430 billion dinars

Al-Dakhil said that Al-Kazemi directed the transfer of the frozen balances to the departments of Nineveh Governorate, amounting to 431 billion dinars, to be a work budget for the Supreme Committee for the Reconstruction of Mosul, in which new projects will be launched, and priority will be given to the old city

According to Al-Dakhil, Al-Kazemi instructed the Ministry of Finance to release the compensation amounts to the people of Nineveh Governorate, and the approval of the Prime Minister was obtained on special recommendations to start the rehabilitation of Mosul Airport.


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