Activists: clearing Iraqi cities of ammunition is a national duty

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   August  7 : Calls to social media have increased to warn against a repetition of the Beirut scenario in Baghdad and other cities, and they have issued calls that "freeing Iraqi cities from ammunition and weapons is a sacred national duty."
 Activists also called on the Iraqi government to take urgent measures to take out the stacks, confine the arms to the state, hand over all armed groups to their weapons, close their camps and their headquarters in cities and populated areas, warning of the danger of the continued presence of these and the stacks in cities and regions and threatening the security of citizens and their lives ...


The Iraqi Council of Representatives postponed the report and discussion of the information crime bill

Unidentified persons targeted, with a sound device, the house of Ali Ghanem Al-Maliki, mayor of the Qurnah district, north of Basra, days after his appointment to his new position

Karbala Police Command announced the arrest of the most dangerous drug trafficking gang consisting of 6 persons