Al-Aqili: The legal formulas are loose and confuse Iraq

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   November  24 : The Iraqi judge, Rahim Al-Ugaili, warned against legislating the Information Crimes Law, with its broad formulations and uncontrolled expressions, which will cause a major crack in the freedom of expression in Iraq.
Al-Aqili told Al-Sharqiya News that this project constitutes a great danger to society and will put everyone under the spears of tyranny, arbitrariness, oppression and abuse in the name of the law.
Judge Rahim Al-Ugaili also warned against restricting the "Information Crimes Law" on the freedom to receive, publish and circulate information in an exaggerated manner, which means that there is apparent keenness to prevent information on corruption being received, published and circulated in accordance with the provisions of the United Nations Convention against Corruption.


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