Al-Bayati: the second side of Syria is governed by impunity

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  July 1 : The security expert, Sarmad Al-Bayati, affirmed that the disruption on the Iraqi-Syrian border will not end as long as the security forces use rudimentary methods to monitor them.

Al-Bayati called on the Iraqi government to resort to private security companies to modernize border surveillance systems and install a sophisticated thermal camera system to end the state of lawlessness and the passage of militants.


A pile of weapons containing various kinds of explosive devices exploded at Spyker base north of Tikrit

A fire broke out in Al-Maghayiz market in Al-Ashar district, central Basra governorate

The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, expressed his optimism that a final agreement would be reached with the federal government