Al-Kazemi: Iraq will not sleep until the killers are brought to justice

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  July 7 : Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi vowed retribution for the killers of the strategic expert, Hisham Al-Hashemi, and he said that Iraq will not sleep before the killers submit to Al-Kazemi’s judiciary. He stressed during the Iraqi cabinet’s meeting that no one will be allowed to turn Iraq into a gang state and will not allow chaos and politics The mafias and those who were involved in Iraqi blood will face justice .. Al-Kazemi said that the assassination of the martyr Hisham al-Hashemi did not leave us except that our duty as leaders of the state is to turn grief and sorrow into direct production and achievement .. Al-Kazemi stressed that work and achievement is the path of the current government, and that the state is The guide and the standard and no one is above the law.


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