Al-Kazemi is following up on the completion of the Baghdad Gates project and the organization of entrances

Baghdad-ALsharqiya, June 5: The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, directed the follow-up of the project of entrances and gates to the capital, Baghdad, and what it includes of controls, entry gates, yards for weighing and trade exchange, and pedestrian bridges, provided that the concluded contracts include continuous maintenance and cleaning services. Al-Kazemi also stressed the need for the concerned authorities to move to activate the file of the reconstruction of Sadr City, away from the delay and neglect, stressing that the project is a trust in the neck of the current government to meet the needs of our people. Al-Kazemi added, while presiding over the meeting of the Diwani Order Committee 57, that the project designs must have an integrative future vision that accommodates social changes, and addresses the problem of overpopulation and the growth of slums as a result of the housing crisis, away from narrow political calculations, which come at the expense of the citizen.


Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi stressed the need for coordination between

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