Al-Kazemi meets with a number of members of the American Businessmen Forum

Washington - ALsharqiya, August 20: Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi met in Washington with a number of members of the American Businessmen Forum and the American Chamber of Commerce, in the presence of US Energy Secretary Dan Proelt.

Al-Kazemi said that investment opportunities are available to American businessmen and companies, and called on American banks to cooperate in the development of the Iraqi banking system, to keep pace with international banks as the basis for a major economic openness.

 Al-Kazemi pointed to the importance of sustainable strategic cooperation with the United States and with American companies and banks, and stressed the government's willingness to remove all obstacles to the work of American companies in Iraq.

 For their part, members of the Businessmen Forum and the American Chamber of Commerce expressed the readiness of major American companies to work and invest in Iraq, and expressed their optimism about the steps of the Prime Minister, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi, since he assumed his duties in the government.


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