Al-Kazemi meets with the Businessmen Forum in Washington

Washington-ALsharqiya July 28: Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi said that Iraq's doors are open to investment, especially to American companies, and that his government is serious about relying on Western investments instead of others. Al-Kazemi stressed, during his meeting with the Businessmen Forum and the American Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC, that the Iraqi government has taken bold measures towards real reforms in the economy, the most important of which is strengthening credit activity in the banking sector. Al-Kazemi indicated that his government began to fight corruption and preserve state resources, by canceling licenses in fake and lagging projects, which are behind the mafias of economic and political corruption, pointing at the same time that his government has achieved great progress in the investment sector within a short period, and that there is great work In the field of oil and energy, and clean energy in particular, strategic projects in the field of gas and the investment of associated gas have been launched in cooperation with American companies.


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