Al-Kazemi: The port of Al-Faw will enhance Iraq's geopolitical position

Basra-ALsharqiya, April 11: Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi confirmed today, Sunday, that the Al-Faw port will provide great opportunities for Iraq and enhance its geopolitical position in the region. In his speech during the foundation stone laying ceremony for the Grand Faw Port project, Al-Kazemi announced the start of an important strategic project that the country has been waiting for for many years, indicating that the Faw port will create many job opportunities for the people of Basra and the rest of the provinces and contribute to the development of the province. Al-Kazemi added that the government is moving towards building, reconstruction and prosperity, calling on the people of Basra Al-Faiha and all parts of Iraq to have hope and support efforts to build the country from Fao to Zakho.


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