Al-Sadr to the Iranian President: We call on you not to involve Iraq in extremism and conflicts

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   June 21: The head of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, called on the new Iranian president, Ibrahim Raisi, not to punish the region with extremism and the escalation of conflicts, in the first comment of al-Sadr on the election of a "president" of Iran.

Al-Sadr stated in his tweet on Twitter that “my president” must rule the mind, Sharia and dialogue to end the political and sectarian conflicts in the region because this is the strength of Islam, Shiism and Arabism, and the weakness of the common enemy in general and Israel in particular, calling on Iran and Saudi Arabia to solve their problems on the one hand and get Iraq out of this conflict. On the other hand, not to interfere in its affairs and its upcoming parliamentary elections.

Al-Sadr added, “In Iraq, two dominant characteristics are combined, namely Arabism and Shi’ism, and this does not mean that Sunnis and Kurds do not exist, but rather they are two sides for which we love and respect.” Iraq and Syria and the withdrawal of some Iraqi and other elements from Syria, especially after the last elections there on the other hand


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