Albanian man asks Italian police to imprison him to escape his wife

Italy-ALSHARQIYA October 24 : Italian police said today, Sunday, that a man under house arrest went to a police barracks and asked to be imprisoned because life with his wife at home was "unbearable."
Police in Tivoli, near the barracks, said in a statement that the 30-year-old Albanian man, residing in Gidonia Monticilio, outside Rome, "is no longer able to cohabit with his wife."
Outraged by the situation, he preferred to flee, and spontaneously presented himself to the Carabinieri police to request that his sentence be served behind bars, the police added in the statement.
"The man has been under house arrest for several months for his involvement in drug offenses, and he still has to spend a few years," Captain Francesco Giacomo Ferrante of Tivoli told AFP.
"He was living in the house with his wife and family, and it's not going well anymore," the officer explained. He added that the man told the police: "Listen, my home life has become hell, I can't do that anymore, I want to go to jail."
The man was immediately arrested for violating his house arrest order, and the Italian judicial authorities ordered his transfer to prison.


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