Algerian journalist Karim Bousalem dies of infection with the Coronavirus

Algeria-ALsharqiya July 25: The Algerian journalist, Karim Bousalem, died this morning, Sunday, as a result of being infected with the Coronavirus. According to the Algerian An-Nahar website, the brother of the journalist Karim Bousalem confirmed his death as a result of being infected with the Coronavirus. Bousalem, who died at the age of 49, began his life working on the radio in 1992, then moved to work on Algerian television, and the audience knew him through the Sabahiyat program, and then became famous for presenting the eighth bulletin, and then turned to be the editor-in-chief of the main bulletin on television. The Algerian. Bousalem was recently famous for presenting a number of political programmes, the last of which was in the spotlight.


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