Amazon apologizes to an Iraqi girl for a product that "offended" her country's flag

United States-Eastern March 30: Amazon, the online retail giant, has apologized to an Iraqi girl who complained about displaying a "bath mop" product bearing the design and colors of the Iraqi flag, and pledged to "investigate the incident and remove the product" from the website.
The Iraqi girl, Raghad Al-Hayali, a writer and media, wrote, "The Amazon company must cancel this product that insults Iraq, its people and its knowledge, and it must formally apologize for what it did."
Al-Hayali called on the Iraqis to boycott the company if it did not respond to these requests.
In response to Al-Hayali's tweet, the Amazon Help account wrote a message in which he said: “Hi Raghad, we apologize for any harassment. Sometimes we see such products, but we will investigate them and remove them from the site.

Al-Hayali is an Iraqi writer and journalist who has published a collection of short stories, and she lives in the Emirates, according to the information she published on her account on the site.
Amazon offers similar products that use the designs of the flags of different countries around the world.


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