An 18-meter long worm has been extracted from the intestine of a man in Thailand

Thailand-ALSHARQIYA   March  25 : Doctors extracted an 18-meter-long worm from the intestine of a 67-year-old, in Thailand, believed to have eaten undercooked beef, according to theger.com website.
The patient was suffering from pain and swelling in his stomach. After the diagnosis, doctors were able to discover the cause, which is eating food contaminated with the infectious phase of a parasitic worm called "Tina saginata" associated with eating undercooked beef.
After intermittently extracting the worm, the Parasitic Disease Research Center in Nakhon Ratchasima County published the tapeworm on red linoleum.
The worm has reached a length of 18 meters, in an event that is the first of its kind in Thailand in 50 years, according to the website.
Members of the infected man's family were advised to conduct an examination to ensure that the infection was not transmitted to them.


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