An armed group targets the civilian activist Tahseen Osama al-Shahmani in central Basra

Baghdad-Alsharqiya, August 15: An armed group targeted the civilian activist Tahseen Osama al-Shahmani in the center of Basra Governorate with twenty bullets, which led to his death on the spot in a continuation of the series of assassinations that affect figures active in the protests and the October uprising.

Security sources said that unidentified gunmen stormed an internet center belonging to the civil activist Tahseen Osama in Al-Bahou Street in the center of Basra and shot him, which led to his death on the spot, in addition to injuring his brother, who was present at the center at the time of the attack.

 The sources indicated that initial information indicated that the attackers shot the activist Osama about 20 bullets before they fled.

 Tahseen, a civic activist known for his widespread participation in the popular anti-corruption protests

Activists in Basra visited the martyr activist Tahseen Osama on the shoulders in the streets of the governorate center, passing through the peaceful sit-in center of the uprising.

Mourners chanted slogans calling for retribution for killers, the protection of freedom of opinion, and the restriction of weapons in the hands of the state.

  The martyr left behind four children, and he is considered one of the most prominent figures in the peaceful movement since the year two thousand and eleven.


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