An Egyptian doctor treats pedestrians in the street and Corona casualties for free

Egypt-ALSHARQIYA  April 5: Most of the residents of October City and the Sheikh Zayed area in Giza Governorate, south of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, know him, where he stands with his car on their streets, offering to provide medical services to those who need it from passers-by and Corona's injured, leaving his phone number on a sign at the back of the car for those who want to communicate with him and follow-up .
After the end of his work in the hospital in which he works, the young Egyptian doctor, Muhammad Abdel-Alim Al-Essawi, drives his car, and stops in any street he chooses, and is crowded with pedestrians, offering to provide his services to whoever wants, and provides prescriptions for free, as he measures blood pressure and diabetes and conducts medical examinations for those who wish. Then he provides them with prescriptions, and gives them his phone number to communicate and follow up with him until the recovery is complete.

He says that he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of October 6 and specialized in cardiovascular diseases, and after the outbreak of the Corona outbreak, he worked at the Sanfex Airport Hospital for isolation, which was receiving arrivals from abroad as well, and by virtue of his work, he learned about the nature of Corona symptoms, and the virus mutated, as well as infected Twice fell ill, and God wrote to him the cure, so he decided to contribute with his knowledge and effort to protect everyone from this epidemic.
He added that he decided to provide his services for free, whether in his clinic or on the street, to quickly examine those who wish, and to know the nature of their diseases, especially chronic, so that they are ready and able to cope with infection with the virus, if they were infected with it.

He says that he stands with his car not only in the streets of his district or the streets of Giza, but sometimes in the streets of Cairo, with his full medical bag, and he measures diabetes and blood pressure first for those who wish, and measures the percentage of oxygen in the blood, then he asks them to analyze the comprehensive and complete blood picture, to find out their infection with Corona Whether or not, and after conducting the analyzes, he asks them to contact him or send it to him on WhatsApp, then follow up with them, and by knowing the percentage of white blood cells he knows if they were infected with Corona or not.
In his speech to "Arab.net", he indicated that in the event of infection, he asks them immediately to buy certain medicines that suit their health condition, which he previously examined and wrote down in a special notebook for that, and he follows up with them over the phone, until the stage of recovery.
And says the young Egyptian doctor, Mohamed Abdel-Alim

Al-Essawi, despite the high incidence of the disease and the variety of symptoms, yet the mutation of the virus greatly weakened it and did not return to its strength at the beginning of the outbreak of the epidemic, which facilitates the treatment process. And the taste of the infected people is not as disturbing as it was in the past, because this means that the patient was infected with the weak type of virus.
He emphasized that there is another strong type of virus that the patient may become infected with and not lose the sense of smell and taste with him, and his analyzes are confirmed and revealing of his infection, and in which the white blood cells percentage reaches high numbers and these are the cases in which the patient may reach artificial respiration, and therefore this must be detected early Cases so that they can be treated quickly and to avoid their reaching a deteriorating stage.

And the young doctor continues that there are patients who follow him from Arab countries such as Jordan, Syria and Sudan, where they communicate with him by phone and via WhatsApp, after they got to know him here during their stay or visit to Egypt, and he kept following up with them.
The young doctor only covets sick calls to him, praying to God to lift this epidemic from everyone.


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