An electronic love story, which incurred a Kuwaiti citizen $ 180,000

Kuwait-ALSHARQIYA  April 12: A citizen of the State of Kuwait registered a fraud and fraud case against a girl whom he knew electronically, after spending nearly 55,000 dinars ($ 181,500) on her, and then she refused to marry him.
According to the local newspaper "Al-Rai", the young man got to know a citizen girl through a social networking site, and their relationship developed into meetings and presenting valuable gifts to the girl, ranging from expensive jewelry to luxurious watches, until it came to handing her his own bank card to withdraw money from an ATM. Attached to the password.
The newspaper indicated that the girl took advantage of the young man’s confidence and love, so she spent all the money she wanted from the debit card,

Until the victim decided to inform the girl of his desire to meet her family in order to formally engage with her, she replied that “her family will not be satisfied with him.” After that, the young man asked her to return all his money and gifts, but she refused.
A security source said, "The victim filed a complaint with the police against the girl on charges of fraud, fraud and seizing his money, attaching his complaint to a number of invoices and ATM receipts."
He pointed out that "the case was referred to the competent authorities to take the necessary legal measures."


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