An official and popular reception for the Pope at Erbil International Airport

Erbil-ALsharqiya, March 7: The President of the Kurdistan region, Nechirvan Barzani and the head of the regional government, Masrour Barzani, received Pope Francis at Erbil International Airport on the third day of his historic visit to Iraq, in the presence of a large number of political and religious figures and representatives of different religions and sects. After arriving in the Kurdistan region and receiving him, officially at Erbil International Airport, the Pope will leave by helicopter towards Mosul, to visit some churches that have been destroyed by terrorism, especially the Al-Tahira Al-Kubra Church in Qarah Qosh, which is the largest church in Iraq, which the Pope will visit and bless for the first time after Its destruction by ISIS, and the prayer will be performed in the courtyard of the church yard in Mosul and the people will be blessed there, and there will be no ceremonial prayer or mass in the city of Mosul. The Pope will also visit some other places in Mosul, where there were victims at the hands of ISIS terrorists, where he will pray for the rest of their souls, bless those places and return to Erbil, where he will visit the beginning of the Ankawa region at 2 pm, and at 4 pm he will hold the largest ceremonial divine mass in his Iraqi tour, In the capital of the Kurdistan region of Iraq.


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