Beirut Bride tells the story of her wedding, which was spoiled by the explosion

Beirut-ALsharqiya, August 6: The Lebanese bride, Israa Al-Sablani, recounted the difficult moments that she lived during filming her wedding ceremonies in conjunction with the huge explosion that rocked Beirut on Tuesday evening, and I thank God for her survival.

The camera recorded the astonishing moment in which the massive explosion rocked the Lebanese capital, and helped Isra, a doctor working in the United States, examine the wounded in the nearby area before leaving Saifi Square in downtown Beirut for safety.

 Israa starred in her dress and white veil, while she was smiling in front of the photographer to record the video, which will preserve her memories on her wedding day before everything shook, Bedouin deaf ears, as the massive explosion nearly toppled the bride from the ground.

 Israa told Reuters that there are no words to explain the explosion that occurred during the filming, and she spoke of her feeling of shock, and questions revolving in her head about what happened and whether she will die and how she will die.


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