Britain supports a new technology project to stop the circulation of terrorist content on the Internet

LONDON, Sept 23 (alsharqiya) - The Home Office said on Tuesday it would support and fund a new project that would help prevent violent online video circulation after terrorist attacks. The ministry said in a statement today that the project will support efforts to develop technology used in all sites and can automatically identify the changed videos online, to avoid detection methods currently used, and thus help prevent circulation over the Internet. The project relies on British data science experts, with the support of the Home Office, to create an algorithm that any technology company in the world can use for free to improve the way they detect harmful and violent videos posted on their platforms, thereby preventing their circulation and viewing by users of those platforms. The benefits of the new research pose difficulties for the spread of terrorist content over the Internet; they can ultimately also use search results to help detect other types of harmful content, such as child sexual abuse. Interior Minister Pretty Patel said that the circulation of terrorist attacks has a devastating impact on the families and loved ones of the victims and involves promoting the goals of terrorists by spreading their twisted messages. , At a relatively low cost. "This is just the latest example of our commitment to work with the sector to address the common challenges we face, and to respond to the ever-changing threats we face," she said, noting that the new project also fulfills the commitments made in the Christchurch Call to Counter Terrorist Use of the Internet. The project was announced after a March 51 attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, which killed 51 people and was followed on the Internet by hundreds of different videos. Directly alive to m He attacked the moment he committed the attack, prompting Facebook to delete more than 1.5 million videos, uploaded to its platform and it took several days for Facebook to remove some of these videos.


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