Calls mount to cancel the sedition agreement instead of waiting for it

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   November  24 : The widespread rejectionist campaigns continued in Iraq by the religious authorities and popular and political actors, with efforts to delay the abolition of the "sedition document" for sharing endowments through the option of waiting, which was rejected altogether.
Religious references and jurists have warned that there is no patience or neglect of the legal rights and endowment properties as endowments that are imprisoned for God and have no value for sharing them legally after the fatwas forbidding the agreement were issued, stressing that there is no option for those in charge of the "sedition document" except to cancel the agreement, otherwise shame and disgrace.

Clerics and religious authorities had categorically rejected what was circulated in some political and governmental meetings regarding delaying the implementation of the so-called "endowment-sharing agreement," and the Unified Council of the Six Provincial Clans warned that the idea of ​​delaying the implementation of the notorious agreement keeps sedition in place in Iraq, and not A solution other than abolishing it from its roots and preventing the justification of its harmful and corrupting consequences for the unity of Iraqi society.


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