Candy in the form of sexual organs in a famous Egyptian club

Egypt-ALSHARQIYA   January 19: In an incident that sparked a wave of intense anger on social media in Egypt, following the spread of pictures of women in the Al-Jazeera Sports Club eating pieces of sweets made in the form of genitals during a special ceremony held inside the club.
The pictures, which were widely circulated, showed signs of intense laughter on the faces of the women, as the celebration appeared to be a "comic matter," but it turned into a state of controversy and anger following the spread of these pictures on social media, which prompted the official authorities to act.
The Egyptian security services arrested the accused of manufacturing candy bars in the form of genitals during the birthday celebration of a member of the Al-Jazeera Sports Club.

It turned out that the woman was a pastry chef and had registered information, and it was found that she had taken her home as a factory for those sweets, and in confronting her she confessed to committing the incident and was taken to the Qasr El Nil department.
During the investigations with the "chef" in the Public Prosecution Office, the defendant clarified after her arrest that she had made sweets at the request of the members, who sent her pictures on WhatsApp and asked her to design such sweets.
After the prosecution's investigations ended, the prosecutor charged her with manufacturing food in a way that includes explicit sexual suggestion, and issued a decision to release her on a bail of 5,000 Egyptian pounds, according to the Egyptian newspaper, Al-Watan.

For its part, the Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa commented on the incident, saying: "The publication of nude pictures, sweets, figures and various products with sexual expressions and fallen suggestions is forbidden by law and criminalized by law, and it is an assault on the value system and a blatant abuse of society with its components."


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