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The United Nations plans to release 9 million dollars to meet Lebanon's urgent needs

Gold prices rose towards record levels Thursday

Observers in Basra called for activating control over the revenues of the outlets and pursuing unofficial doors to manipulate and affect the volume of revenues

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Rap announced that Britain will provide a 6 million and 600,000 dollars aid package to Lebanon

A report by the American "Oil Price" website stated that Iraq will have to comply 100% with the OPEC Plus agreement during the months of August and September.

The Lebanese Minister of Economy, Raoul Neama, announced that the explosion in the port of Beirut destroyed the grain silo

Forbes Middle East launched its second annual edition of the Women Leaders List

GFP Global Ranking Corporation revealed that Iraq 's foreign currency reserves amounted to 48 billion USD

Representatives in the Iraqi parliament called on the government of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to open an investigation with all the measures taken by the previous government headed by Adel Abdul-Mahdi

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the expansion of sanctions against Iran to include the mineral sector

An investigation by the New York Times described Iraq as "the cautionary tale of all countries of the world" about how corruption arms control the country's joints.

The US embassy in Georgia has warned companies and individuals not to sell or transfer materials that Iran can use in its nuclear or ballistic program.

Oil prices fell Thursday, negatively affected by fears that a rise in Coronavirus infections worldwide could threaten a recovery in demand.

Reuters reported that the increase in Iraqi crude oil exports since the beginning of the month indicates that the reduction in its production is still below the target level

The Manchet program discussed the red Iraqi resort to borrowing from the central bank

Adnan al-Asadi, a lawmaker in the State of Law coalition, asserted that the parties' economic bodies

The US Congress is investigating leaders of the world's most powerful technology companies "Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google" due to antitrust violations

The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed that the government borrowed from the central bank 8 trillion dinars to cover the fiscal deficit and the distribution of salaries

The General Retirement Authority announced today, Tuesday, the payment of pensioners ’salaries for the month of August

The Kurdistan region seeks to add an additional 1,000 megawatts per day in the event of obtaining the prescribed portions of station fuel from the federal government

Managers and supervisors of strategic projects in Basra held the ministries of finance and planning responsible for delaying disbursement of operating advances

A member of the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee said that the current Iraqi production of energy does not meet 60% of its needs

I went out in a mass march in solidarity with Tahrir Square, during which they renewed the demands of the October Uprising, the first of which was to reveal the killers of the demonstrators.

Oil prices fell on Monday, with increasing cases of coronavirus in the world

The local authorities in Basra launched the largest campaign to rehabilitate the northern regions of the province

A British report published in the Financial Times revealed high levels of poverty in Iraq

The Iraqi judiciary issued arrest warrants for the custodians of the Najaf Silo stores

The Ministry of Electricity revealed that Iraq has completed 80% of the obligations of the agreement signed with the Gulf Linkage Authority

A London judge sentenced a former director of Una Oil Energy Consultants, based in Monaco, to five years in prison.

The Inspection Authority of the Oil Products Distribution Company seized dens for oil smuggling in the governorates of Wasit and Babel.

The Iraqi Ministry of Finance directed the Accounting Department to pay the salaries of employees and retirees early next week

Oil prices in New York fell from their highest level in four months, amid signs of sudden gains in US crude stocks.

The Iraqi Integrity Commission has suspended the disbursement of funds amounting to 40 billion dinars to finance 440 fraudulent transactions in Al-Diwaniyah Governorate

Iranian Energy Minister "Reza Erdakianian" has announced reaching an agreement to conclude two contracts in the field of improving and developing the electricity industry in Iraq

European leaders arrived Tuesday at the conclusion of a four-day marathon summit

Oil prices increased thanks to positive news about experiments with a vaccine for the Coronavirus,

The director of international affairs at the Iranian Central Bank, Hamid Kanbari, announced that an agreement on foreign currency between Iran and Iraq will soon be reached.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the trade activity between Iran and Iraq has improved significantly after Mustafa al-Kazemi took over as prime minister in Iraq

Oil prices fell on Monday, amid fears of reduced demand for fuel

The Parliamentary Investigation Committee visited the Ministry of Electricity contracts, the headquarters of the Ministry of Electricity to see all the contracts that the ministry has made over the past 17 years

The US Department of State has announced its commitment to facilitate the connection of Iraq with the Gulf Cooperation Council project

Oil prices fell on Friday, as trading was cloudy over the global recovery in demand for fuel

European Union leaders began in Brussels a two-day summit to try to reach agreement on a massive plan to revive the economy

The Ministry of Transport directed the speedy opening of the Arar border port and the revitalization of the commercial and economic aspect with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A US report published in the New York Times revealed that Iraq burned more than half of the natural gas produced by its fields, while importing gas from Iran to generate energy.

The Integrity Commission in Iraq revealed that it was able to control 400 electrical transformers in Maysan governorate, which was broken three years after entering the service

The governments of the Gulf Cooperation Council states, Washington and Baghdad have renewed their full support for the project to link electricity networks in Iraq to the Gulf states

The District Judge of the Zubair district, Abbas Maher, said that the reins of border outposts would be restored

Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein announced that he touched during his talks with his French counterpart Jean

The American General Electric Company for Energy Production has announced the provision of timely solutions to the electricity crisis in Iraq

Iraq plans to cut the oil supplies it supplies to some of its Asian customers

Iraqi Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar said his country is fully committed to the OPEC Plus agreement

Activist Akram Azab confirmed support for the October uprising coordination to hold corrupt electricity ministers accountable

The site of the Anbar Compound Power Plant project is still a barren desert

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi affirmed that the past periods that saw spending billions of dollars on the electricity sector were sufficient to build modern networks

Employees in Baghdad called on the Iraqi government to investigate the fate of billions that have been paid since 2013 for the Al-Tajiyat housing project.

The Presidency of the Iraqi Council of Representatives has asked the Parliamentary Energy and Energy Committees to open an investigation to demonstrate the mechanism for referring the installed gas-electric station project in Anbar Province

The former deputy from Nineveh, Muhammad Nuri al-Abd, said that some sides

Iran announced on Saturday that it had started signing a contract to develop a joint oil field

Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee Jamal Cougar confirmed to the "Sixth Republic" program that the delay in paying the salaries of state employees is linked to the scrutiny of thousands of names of aliens

The Iraqi Media and Communications Commission issued a clarification on extending licenses to operate mobile phone companies in Iraq

Zain Iraq promised its subscribers to provide the best 4G services in the Middle East

A report published by the American Forbes magazine warned of the possibility of a high rate of public debt in Iraq to great rates

On Wednesday, Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein sent a message to his European counterparts

Oil prices fell on Wednesday after data in the sector showed an increase in US crude stocks

Basra Governor Asaad Al-Eidani confirmed that the local government spent twice as much on the energy sector as the Ministry of Electricity

The head of the Baghdad Investment Commission, Shaker Al-Zamili, revealed that hundreds of projects in 14 Iraqi governorates had been suspended

The Iraqi Oil Minister, Ihsan Abdul Jabbar, announced the possibility of exporting black oil to Lebanon without the mediator’s intervention, in order for the parties to benefit

The Central Bank of Iraq announced the reduction of the interest rate on small and medium loans to 4%

The Iraqi Finance Ministry announced on Friday the launch of private financing for the salaries of the month of June

Sources at the Ministry of Finance confirmed that the salaries of last June will be launched

On Thursday, oil prices continued to rise after US data showed a sharp drop in crude stocks.

Bloomberg reported that Iraq is in talks with the International Monetary Fund to obtain a loan

The Central Bank of Iraq announced a re-discount of bonds in favor of the Ministry of Finance by about 8 trillion dinars

The Ministry of Communications revealed that 7 billion dinars have been lost in the first practical results

Oil prices continued to decline after falling more than 5% during the previous session

Oil prices fell amid concerns among investors about the increasing incidence of corona

Downloading programs told Reuters that Iraq will reduce its crude oil exports from southern ports in July.

The Iraqi Oil Ministry announced that the total oil exports for the month of last June amounted to an average of two million eight hundred thousand barrels per day