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The Director of the US space agency "NASA", Jim Braidstein

The 73-year-old American artist Arnold Schwarzenegger underwent heart surgery

The US State Department of Agriculture announced, Saturday, the removal of a hornet's nest

7 years have passed since the last artistic appearance of the Egyptian artist Salah El Saadani

To every Swiss citizen, even a child, you might reach him

A local fish restaurant posted a video of a crocodile rejecting

A British man awoke from a coma he had contracted eight before

In Chicago, Illinois, a young man was surprised

British street artist Banksy has confirmed that he owns a painting

The young woman, Del Nia, in Kirkuk, broke the stereotype of construction, excavation, and most of it

A team of German physicists managed to beam light then

Press reports revealed that the Brazilian police have arrested

A huge controversy has erupted in India over a promotional video

The Saudi Falcon Club auction witnessed the largest sale

Amr Mahmoud Yassin, son of the artist Mahmoud Yassin, announced the death of his father after a struggle with illness at the age of 79

It weighs 14.83 carats. It is the largest bright purple pink diamond

Water pushed 11 dead dolphins to the coast of Ras Banas south

American "Fox News" channel announced that the American astronaut Chris Ferguson

A Lebanese billionaire celebrated her 40th birthday in a lavish party

A British woman was preparing to celebrate her fifth son's birthday

The United Nations World Food Program won the Nobel Peace Prize

The Swedish Academy of Sciences announced the victory of the American poet and writer Louise Gluck

A California woman found her missing cat more than 23 months ago

The Sun reports that "Shepton Mallet" is a known prison in the past

Indian naturalist Rajiv was found near the city of Gurgaon, in the Indian state of Haryana

Satellite images of the planet revealed a "large" hole

The Nobel Prize for Chemistry was awarded to the Frenchman Emmanuel Charpantier and the American Jennifer Daoudna

The Nobel Prize in Physics capped three pioneers in research

An extremely rare white diamond weighing more than 100 carats was sold in Hong Kong

The Nobel Committee announced the award of the medicine prize to Britain's Michael Hooten and the Americans

A fast food restaurant was subjected to a fine of up to £ 1000

On Sunday, dozens of people commemorated the two-month anniversary of the Beirut Port bombing

Al-Sharqiya TV mourned the sheikh of Iraqi broadcasters, Nihad Najib, who passed away on Thursday

Lifeguards scramble to banish a group of whales from a Scottish lake

A team of activists, scholars, and artists residing in New York

A team of Polish divers found the wreck of the German steamer "Karlsruhe"

The first dog cafe was opened in Saudi Arabia

Despite the reduction in sales tax in Germany, it increased Hair cut costly

A group of 36 giant turtles have been returned to their natural habitats

The Guardian newspaper revealed that the British Museum will return an old statue to Iraq

The behavior of the mention of an ostrich raised eyebrows at Linglet Safari Park, Britain

Defeated Mexican Juan Pedro Franco, the holder of the title "fattest man in the world" in the Guinness Book of Records

The Egyptian artist, Al-Muntaser Billah, passed away at noon on Saturday, at the age of 70

A mouse called "Magua" was able to clean 141,000 square meters of mines in Cambodia

Millions of people in the world suffer from depression for various reasons

Passengers on a bus en route to Manchester, England, were surprised by a passenger "dressed" in a huge snake

Baby Rich Havreys broke the record while skiing in Lake Powell, southern Utah, USA

Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds is preparing to enter the world of football as an investor in Welsh FC

Iraqi poet Adel Mohsen died today, Thursday, at the age of 60, after a struggle

It seems that Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer interested in competition and comparisons on the field only, as he raised the challenge outside the green rectangle,

The Iraqi artistic and musical circles mourned the researcher of the Iraqi musical heritage, Yahya Idris, about seventy-five years after a struggle with illness

The skyline of the US state of California turned red in surreal scenes

Mosul youth are racing over initiatives to support those in need to tackle the Corona epidemic

The official account of the Lebanese singer Fairouz published pictures of her meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron

Macron started his activities on Tuesday from the "Jag Cedar" reserve, where he planted, on the occasion of the centenary of the proclamation of the State of Greater Lebanon, a cedar tree.

The initiative launched by the Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Muhammad al-Halbousi, interacted to support the efforts of the Ministry of Industry and provide oxygen bottles to the needy in Anbar.

"Google" announced the launch of an earthquake warning system for mobile phones with the Android operating system in California

A team of Yazidi female survivors in Dohuk tries to transform the tragedy of the component into a global humanitarian message for coexistence and the rejection of terrorism in all its forms

Umm Adel turned the unemployment crisis and the scarcity of resources in Nasiriyah into a family enterprise to operate al-Musafat

A British mother found a muzzle inside a chicken meal, which she bought for her children from a fast food restaurant

The Lebanese bride, Israa Al Sablani, recounted the difficult moments she lived while filming her wedding ceremonies simultaneously

Iraqi artistic circles have called the playwright and dramatic author Adel Kazim about

Residents of Kompetler in Kirkuk, which means Al-Qabab, celebrated their own way to celebrate Eid Al-Adha

Saad Al-Bazzaz responded to the call of the widowed widow from Najaf or Rabab directed to provide her needs before the end of the blessed Eid Al-Adha holiday.

A youth team in Kirkuk volunteered to provide as much support as possible to complete the great efforts made by the Ministry of Industry to provide oxygen cylinders.

Italy Iraq statue of a mother goddess dating back to ages

The Nobel Foundation has announced the cancellation of this year's annual award ceremony due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus

NASA director James Pridenstein expressed his congratulations to the United Arab Emirates on the successful launch of the "Hope Probe."

Fishermen have killed hundreds of whales in the Danish Faroe Islands this week

The United Arab Emirates has announced the success of the launch of the Hope Probe to explore

The United Arab Emirates has announced the success of launching the Hope Probe to explore Mars after the success of the process of sending control orders to the probe from the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Space Operations Center in the Al Khawaneej region in the Emirate of Dubai

According to media reports, in 1994 Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, a Bollywood star and Miss World, was transferred to a Mumbai hospital, after she was diagnosed with the emerging corona virus.

The formats of the October Uprising in Babylon launched a popular campaign to produce and distribute masks free of charge

The United Arab Emirates postponed launching the "Hope" probe to Mars for two days due to weather conditions on an unprecedented Arab mission