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Queen Elizabeth II and the United Kingdom bid farewell to Prince Philip, who has served for seven decades, to the crown

A Saudi died, on Thursday, of wounds sustained

On the first day of the blessed month of Ramadan, the Egyptian actress was injured

The mind of an employee in Taiwan tapered off a plan to extend

Tropical Race 4 threatens banana cultivation worldwide

British police said that Rabbit has announced that he is "the largest."

The waves wash away an object similar to a spacecraft fragment

A citizen of the State of Kuwait registered a case of fraud and fraud

The BBC reported last Friday that a man lost his phone with water

Today, Saturday, an official funeral ceremony was held for the body of the great plastic artist, Balasim Muhammad, and he participated in

Ambitions of its ceiling is very high, expressed by the director of Uhud

Social networking sites shared a video of a lizard

Buckingham Palace announced the death of the prince on Friday

The artistic and cultural circles in Iraq called the plastic artist

Mexican Parliament candidate Carlos Mayorga surprised his supporters Tuesday

Some French lit candles to warm the orchards from

The United States faced a shortage of "ketchup" after it caused

After a robber breaks into a restaurant in the city of Augusta

A monkey of the ancient macaque species rose in one of the regions

It is known by most of the residents of October City and the Sheikh Zayed area

The car of the Syrian inventor, Muhammad Ajeeb, sparked that

Al-Sharqiya TV announced a number of its works that will be shown during the month of Ramadan in the largest production in the Arab world

States ruling a federal judge in favor of Nike,

Tigers at Thai Zoo I had a meal of it

A police officer resigned in Salisbury, North State

A Chinese university has experienced a partial collapse

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi responded to the appeal of the artist, Muhammad Hussein Abdul Rahim, who directed

Al-Ghad newspaper published pictures on Twitter, which indicated who

The world's cities turned off their lights last night, as part of an event

The Guinness Book of Records celebrated the oldest

Video footage showed a terrifying moment for the passengers of a plane

Researchers from Mexico announced the creation of a muzzle cover

Chinese archaeologists managed to make a "historical discovery"

Doctors extracted an 18-meter-long worm from a person's intestine

Because of the emergence of an image that clearly reveals the features of his face

The media office of (Ross Tech) announced that geologists

The largest canvas art painting fetched an estimated price of 62 million

The United States and Canada are preparing for a resurgence of wasps

The famous Egyptian writer Nawal El Saadawi died, on Sunday, after a struggle with illness at the age of 90

Staff found the Queen Elizabeth National Reserve, Uganda

Paleontologists in Mexico have found a fossil shark from

In Thailand, an elephant was able to identify the veterinarian

Activists shared video clips of a house explosion

Ajman Police General Command seized the United Arab Emirates

The French government announced that it intends to return the painting to the painter

Facebook is officially in the process of being nominated for an Academy Award

Participate former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle

Iraqi musician Ilham Al-Madfai is attending, who nearly half a century ago revolutionized Iraqi song

Saudi authorities seized a blacksmith, who works as a doctor

Sale of velvet shoes owned by the former British Prime Minister

An attractive Italian town offered its abandoned homes in return

The mission of the Department of Tourism and Antiquities at the University of Hail announced

The Dutchman, Lou Utens, inventor of the cassette tape, died

It was the fireball that lit up the sky over the kingdom

A chance led a North Carolina man recently,

Presented a restaurant in Tunisia that specializes in Italian food

Turkey created a mess in a dentist's office

The Mosulian sculptor Omar Yunus Saliba presented a gift to the Pope of the Vatican in the Hosh al-Baya area, he said

The UAE entered the Guinness Book of Records with the largest medal

The United Nations UNESCO said on Saturday that the land of Iraq is on the throne of history